Is ‘new’ to someone’s advantage?

‘I found this Canadian government press release particularly interesting:

Canada’s New Government and the Government of New Brunswick have today officially opened 29 kilometres of the new four-lane Trans-Canada Highway between Pokiok and Longs Creek. Representatives from the federal and provincial governments gathered at Longs Creek to officially mark the completion of the $125-million project.

Press release from the federal Office of the Minister of Transport

Now, maybe it’s just me but which government is ‘new’ exactly? Stephen Harper has been PM for over nine months and Shawn Graham has been Premier for five weeks.


Is there political advantage for the federal Conservatives to be pushing their ‘newness’?

This use of ‘new’ seemed weirdly out of place to me.

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  1. dako says:

    David, an eminent scientist lost his federal job a couple of months ago because he refused to refer to the federal government (now older than Joe Clark’s regime, not to mention Kim Campbells’ and John Turner’s) as “new”. He was reinstated after the story was exposed in the media.

    Of course it’s ridiculous. Not quite Stock Day/wetsuit territory, but in the same image management ballpark.

    Will Campaign 2007 feature the “new” tag? I vote yes. And I chuckle.