I’d like to thank the Academy and all the little people….

Just kidding.

But seriously, I just had a cheese and spinach omelette with a guy someone once called New Brunswick’s first Internet Cowboy – and he has the hat and boots to prove it.

The ‘he’ in this case is David Jonah who, besides being an excellent storyteller, is my ‘host’ or Webmaster or whatever you want to call him (Local in the Know).

And David had a bevy of statistics on the davidwcampbell.com blog and I will impose these on you for your edification.

In the average month, between 4,500 and 5,500 people stop by the blog. That used to spike more after a CBC commentary but I haven’t been called for many of those recently but the numbers over the past three months are still quite strong 4.5k – 5.5k visits per month (people not Google).

On a daily basis during the week visits range from a low of 150 to a high of 400 or so.

Google stops by the most of the search engines with about 15,000 visits over the 2+ years.

This is interesting, the average visitor stays for over four minutes (2.5% stay for over an hour – I suspect this may be Al Hogan :-)). I’m told this is twice as long as the average visit to an average web page which means either a) I take too long to say what I am trying to say or b) you are slow readers.

There have been 6,809 views of the blog coming through the davidcampbell.xml RSS.

The Parrsboro/Headz story really hit a nerve – it was viewed by over 516 individuals.

An estimated 42.4% of you have added the blog to your favourites (I don’t know how they calculate this but David tells me this is impressive).

76.7% of you come in directly either through a bookmark or typing in the url. Only 23% come in via a search engine like Google (I’m told this is a good stat as well).

Of the folks coming through search engines, a few of you are trying ‘david campbell’. But that is not likely to get you to the blog. There’s an actor from Australia that’s far better looking that comes up first. You are better off with david campbell and moncton or some such combination.

Our old friend and blogging colleague The Sorry Centrist has linked to this blog a pile of times. Thanks for the free promotion Scott. PoliticsNB has seen fit to link to this blog a few times as well.

Finally, 25.3% of you are coming from an unknown operating system which would indicate most likely from government websites (I’m told). Let me just reiterate my respect for public servants – in this I’m sincere – even when I ocassionally chastise for some reason or another.

Essentially, I have the readership of a small magazine run. I am not sure what that means but I think it means that a few people are interested in the topic of economic development in New Brunswick and even though many don’t agree with my approach, we can have a dialogue and isn’t that the intent?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If that’s true, why are there only maybe four people who ever comment?

  2. scott says:

    I only get a few people comment, anon. Even Warren Kinsella, probably the top dog of political blogging in Canada, only gets around 25 comments a post and he receives around 20-80,000 unique hits a day. (on an average day) Same with Andrew Coyne who gets around 30-60 comments.

    So the fact that David, in a small market like the maritimes, gets an average of 2-8 comments a post is quite good if your keeping track.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There are programs out there that will ‘hit’ blogs and add to counters, there are also numerous ways to milk statistics on blogs. Many blog counters are programmed using googles own data, and of course google has a vested interest in making it look like blogs are getting as many hits as possible. I don’t know anything about Warren Kinsella, but I recently went to Garth Turners webblog right after all the press and there were almost a hundred comments virtually within hours of each blog. Clearly people are not shy, and unlike Scott’s topic moderation this site makes it as easy as pie to post anonymously.

    Of course there is also the research angle, several times I have researched a topic and found a link to my own comment at the blog from months ago. That’s not exactly ‘magazine readership’, but more like scholastic voyeurism. I’m not badmouthing here, I wouldn’t post if I didn’t think it was important, but the other poster has a point about not believing everything you hear.

    I will also make a confession in that during the day my computer often gets disconnected, which of course gives me a new IP address, which would show up as a unique hit, sometimes giving me as many as six hits a day, depending on how bored I am at work. Many service providers will change user’s IP addresses automatically.

  4. David Campbell says:

    I’m no expert but I was told that dynamic IPs are not the issue. The system can still read that it’s the same viewer. If you clear your cache, then you are considered unique.

    However, my point here was just to let folks know that conservatively a few thousand people ocassionally stop by the blog and in my opinion that means there is some interest in the subject matter.

    As for discussion, I think New Brunswickers in general are not overly chatty. I get stopped on the street by people weekly talking about the blog but when I ask if they join in the chat, they say no.

    I suspect there are about 15 people that comment on a fairly regular basis and again, for me that’s a good number.

    I don’t make any money for this. In fact, I could argue I lose money as I have tended to annoy potential sources of work. I will also admit that in the early days, I would take upwards of an hour to pen a long and winding blog with charts and graphs and check back and zero views (except mine).

    I still haven’t figured out why people blog and by extension why I blog.

    So I guess I’ll keep going until I get a good reason to stop.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That depends on the counter. Put a counter up on your site and I’ll show you how fast I can rack it up. Like I said, I’m not badmouthing, this is one of the standout blogs in New Brunswick, though I admit I really like that hawkeye’s stuff in Nova Scotia. That’s true your blogs have been shorter of late but people do what they can. I gave a good synopsis of the NBSCC’s yearly report, you can pick at that to make life easier.

    An easy answer would be to add a counter and ask people to leave a ‘hello’. State how important it is so that you have an idea of how many people check here regularly. Charles Leblanc occasionally does it, doing it too many times tends to dilute the response.

    I’m suspicious, but I”m suspicious of everything that cant factually be shown. I could probably list five people who post here regularly, but thats it. That doesn’t mean there is something ‘wrong’ with it or something wrong with the blogger. It is what it is.

    It would be great for New Brunswickers if you were on welfare and like Charles had all day and night to blog these issues, and I’d bet they’d be far more advanced in political circles, but people don’t have everything. Many blog hits are also just other bloggers bouncing around.

    Hits are nearly as important as EFFECTS. In a province where alternative viewpoints and information is scarce, even a smaller audience is more valuable than a place where there is more variety, but has people essentially saying the same things over and over again. Its essentially ‘underground media’ and even a small audience can have a big impact (as you’ll soon see:)

  6. Freddy Beach says:

    Those are pretty good stats. I’d like to see your site (and your ideas) get more exposure but I think that your stats confirm that you aren’t speaking in a vacuum.

    Thanks to blogs, more NB information and stories are becoming available. I would always like to see more and there are few Fredericton projects that are trying such as http://ci-fi.org and http://justfred.ca

    Maybe I’ll be able to cancel my Gleaner subscription soon.

    Thanks for the RSS feed link. You really should have that link somewhere on your main page. I looked but just assumed that there was no feed.

  7. Mike O'Hara says:

    Hey Folks, I’m Mike the tech over at Local in the Know.

    To answer some questions, and probably alleviate some of the mistrust/uncertainty in the statistics brought to the table, we use a statistics monitoring software called AWStats.

    It watches the server’s log files and builds statistics based on the information the server is recording from the viewing and visitation practices of each viewer who enters the site.

    We can tell whether or not the “visitor” is a real person or a device trying to crawl or hit the site. And there is Certainly no shortage of either visiting David’s site, though most “bots” are the many search engines, From Google, to MSN, Yahoo, and the lesser ones.

    One thing is for sure we do not just blindly count “hits” every time a page renders in a HTTP 200 (geek talk for a successful page load, sorry) for these blogs.

    If taken the time we can trace the “average” users path through the site and get a profile of what the average user does while reading the blog over his/her morning brew. (while they should be working on the days task at work *wink* lol)

    Any questions, I’d love to answer them