Commonalities in politics

It may not look like it on the surface but US politics looked alot like Canadian politics last night.

First, you have a tired looking governing party with increasingly desperate tactics that ended up losing (similar to the ‘new’ Tory government).

Second, you have the Democrats as the US version of the Canadian Conservatives (wait a minute I’m not talking ideology here). The Democrats have candidates ranging all over the ideological map from staunchly centrist to Stockwell Dayish fringes on the left. I heard there are about 20 different positions, for example, on Iraq among the Dems from increasing troops and strengthening the US position to full withdrawal tomorrow. However, this was minimized during the election. There were very few ‘scary’ slip ups (to the left).

Third, ultimately, the electorate in Canada and the US seem to sense when it’s time for a change. The American economy is very strong right now – unemployment is 4.4% and job creation has been very strong. The stock market has been increasing for almost two years and everyone always says that Americans vote with their pocketbooks. Well, it seems last night they did not vote with their pocketbooks. A good majority of them were just ready for change.

I, unlike 92% of Canadians, still kind of like old George W. as I have pointed out elsewhere. However, it looks like change is probably on the agenda south of the border whether he likes it or not.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry man, but I think that comment is ONLY looking at the surface. Leaving out the fact the guy is easily among the biggest war criminals of this century, don’t be mislead by the propag, er news reports.

    This is a very old strategy, look at a few small polls, try to make it look like democrats will win, and make it look like republicans will lose. That gets more democrats to stay home, and more republicans to run out and vote. I’m not saying that’s what the reality is, I’m saying the mainstream news is essentially propaganda and distracts from most of the real issues.

    They were pretty much saying the exact same thing at the last election, unpopular war, etc. Already we have stories of votes not counting and people turning away from voting kiosks in disgust. With no paper trails and companies run by republicans designing the programs for voting booths, the US is looking more and more like a banana republic.

    The biggest hype is simply that federal politics matters much to most americans. Voter turnout at the federal level is lower than canada. And a good percentage of people in at least half of the states only turn out because they are voting on issues in referenda. If you want to see propaganda at work, count how many times you’ve heard of ANY referenda mentioned in american news sources.

    There is tons of research out there showing the americans are simply disgusted and have no time for federal politics. That is almost never mentioned, instead you see choreographed ‘stump’ speeches that look like they have hundreds of people, yet do some research and you find out they actually PAY people to come.

    THAT is the reality. I remember a thing on TV once where they got a ficus to run for congress in one constituency. They campaigned and everything, turned out the incumbent congressman never even showed up once in his own constituency during the campaign. They somehow got it on the ballot, and afterwards the elections office or whatever they call it down there refused to comment or count the votes. From the way they were talking it looked very much like americans had voted for a ficus for their representative over the other guys.

    THAT is increasingly the story down south, its essentially a military dictatorship, you just get to decide on the generals, and more and more americans are turning away from it.