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I guess any self-respecting blogger should be linking to YouTube. So I will do so. Check out this interesting Enterprise Saint John promotion. I don’t find anything similar for any other Enterprise agency….

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  1. scott says:

    Nice Youtubing, David.

    However, I am going to have to rain on the parade of our good friends down at Enterprise Saint John for a moment, in that, they are no different [in their marketing approach] than Bernard Lord was in crossing the country in search of ex-pats. In other words, they offer nothing concrete to a stable [lower upper and upper middle class] family living in Ontario, Alberta, BC or Quebec, other than lifestyle or as they put it “Life on your terms”.

    Most educated Canadians outside of New Brunswick read the papers, watch television, lof onto the net and hear the messages coming out of central Canada and the West. In other words, they know the deal out here (i.e. an overabundance of ppl on EI, massive outmigration, the closing down [slowing down] of crtitical industries and lack of economic growth.

    If they are not willing to partner with the provincial and federal government on this one so that their messages don’t cross, they they should be honest with themselves. I’m rambling, but I guess I see it as just another poor attempt at moving that city forward. As you always said, “we need community leaders and politicians who are bold and will speak the truth about our economic and demographic challenges.” This looking through life with rose coloured glasses approach does nothing more than ensure many more decades of outmigration and economic decay.

    I digress, and let me join in with the blind masses from north to south and from east to west when I say “GREAT VIDEO ENTERPRISE SAINT JOHN. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.” lol

  2. David Campbell says:

    Well, Scott, let me respond not to be seen sending conflicting messages. For the most part, your comemnts are correct. However, I watched that video clip and got a new sense of the image being projected by our friends in SJ and am impressed with it. I have said all along that without a strong and successful Saint John, it will be very difficult for NB to pull out of its economic funk. Of course, however; we cannot gloss over the problems with spiffy videos and cross-Canada repatriation tours offering Moosehead beer.

  3. scott says:

    However, I watched that video clip and got a new sense of the image being projected by our friends in SJ and am impressed with it.

    Your right, David. I do think there was a good underlying message of hope in that video. Couple that with a few good natured rambling maritimers and you got yourself some easy bus directions.

  4. Blackjack says:

    Nice video. How much did it cost to set up? Are Enterprise SJ doing the work of Tourism NB?
    This video doesnt say anything that we dont already know. Its a nice fluffy piece of self aggrandisement but the reality is different as we already know. Not 5 minutes drive from City Market is the refinery which is an eye opening counter balance to the images of windsurfing and winter bus travelling.
    I think the Enterprise funding could be used to better effect. There is an air of defeat in Saint John – that is the reality. I dont see any enthusiasm at all and depression hangs in the air. Walk up King Street on Sunday morning its a ghost town. There doesnt seem to be any hope.
    This wont entice anyone back to NB because ten minutes after they arrive home they will want to go away again since the only people welcome these days are cruise ship visitors.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes, nice stuff, I still think you should be expanding, no self respecting blogger today wouldn’t be running a PODCAST. Every computer has a mic input and their dirt cheap. You could be interviewing people you know, etc. The software to convert it to flash audio is like $40-it’s called ‘mp3 soundstream’. You could have a weekly ‘radio show’. If you want intro music done I can do that for you.

    This is a ‘nice attempt’, but my cynical nature just has to respond. Anybody that thinks there are no SOB’s in Saint John is simply crazy. Saint Johners are not a ‘separate breed’, in fact if you want friendly, go to the acadian communities, I’ve had farmers spend 45 minutes trying to get me directions because my french is lousy and their english is too. And the french guy trying to make it look like you can get by in french in Saint John.. priceless. The friendliness is purely chance, as anybody that takes Saint John transit knows. When in Ireland we had the entire bus come to the front to help us find directions. For those trying to cultivate friendliness, something sorely lacking, simply ask people for directions, its a great way to start a conversation. Just as an aside, you want to see friendly, go to a small town fair, now RURAL people, THEY are a breed apart!

    And just watch a Michael Moore show to see how friendly Torontonians are, thats’ complete balderdash that ‘in saint john we’re nice not like those sons of bitches’. We were at the Royal Agricultural winter fair and people are so friendly its almost sickening, the most unfriendly are of course the food vendors because you know darn well they are paid nothing.

    That video, as Scott says, might get you more tourists to the area, but that’s it, and I think its more for the home town crowd. City people are often massively unaware of what the area can offer, although that video doesn’t point them to anything new. For the woman to say ‘we need more greenspaces’ shows just how uninvolved people are in their government. However, her input certainly didn’t lead to more greenspaces, he basically said to a friend ‘here’s the committee now leave me the *&^% alone’. She’ll find out just how tough it is to get new spaces developed once she’s at the meetings.

    The most glaring thing about it is the extreme lack of NATURE. Notice how nobody said “I just love to go look at the reversing falls”, or “I just love to breathe in the air” or “I just love to hang out at ROCKWOOD PARK”. How about “I just love volunteering to clean up the cesspool that is the harbour”. We don’t want people thinking too much about the natural environment there because the city is turning itself into an energy tinderbox, and apart from the trails, is actually quite ugly. This is where anybody with half a brain will do some more work (nobody is going to pack up and move based on a video) and then discover, “well, the people are nice, but I bet they’re nice in Charlottetown, Fredericton, Moncton, or Truro too and I’ll be able to breathe” And of course businesses couldn’t care less about that stuff, particularly since the downtown is among the most expensive places to do business in the province.

    So it’s not the ‘message’ that’s the problem, its reality. It’s hard to sell a pinto based on the fact that ‘you’ll meet nice people in the backseat’. Some of the people just seemed to reek of desparation: “for chrissakes come to our city”

    The one other thing missing is something I’ve heard from others about new companies in NB, and thats that coming from Toronto the WORK pace is far slower. That’s new, specialized work mind you, not the home grown stuff. Several new startups offer the working conditions you don’t find in Toronto, where employers expect you to always be working. But we don’t want to mention that, then people will think maritimers are ‘lazy’.

    So finally, I’d be more impressed if the woman at the busstop were to say “I met the friendliest crackhead at the bus stop” and the idiot at the farmers market realized he’s a potential and return customer which is why he gets those greetings. Go to any farmers market in the country week after week and you’ll get the same treatment.

    It’s reading between the lines that’s the kicker: “you can CREATE your own opportunities” means “there’s nothing to do but go to pubs”, and “I’ve cultivated more friendships here than in Montreal” means “I was a money grubbing *&^%sucker there til I got married and now I know everybody in my neighbourhood association now that I’ve got kids”

    Hows that for cynical eh?!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just one more, don’t underestimate the recent ‘crisis’ at the emergency rooms. Anybody with kids or is elderly is going to look at something like that and think “what a godforsaken dump”.

  7. MonctonLandlord says:

    It reminds me of a hybrid animation/video reel that Halation Studios did in Moncton, they rented a bus hired an actress, and shot at various locations downtown, it was the best piece of work I have seen in Atlantic Canada.

    Where is the video now? A better question where is Halation Studios now? Another SME that pulled the para chord.

    And for blackjack: “Nice video. How much did it cost to set up? Are Enterprise SJ doing the work of Tourism NB?”

    That SJ 5 mins clip is way better, and made me more proud about NB than anything that ever came out of Tourism NB in 2006. I am looking forward for 2007, afterall, it can not be worst than 2007 (for tourism that is…).

  8. scott says:

    Walk up King Street on Sunday morning its a ghost town. There doesnt seem to be any hope.

    With all due respect anon, I used to live in Toronto and Ottawa and both those cities were ghost towns on a sunday morning.

  9. MonctonLandlord says:

    … regarding Enterprise Network:

    “Moncton is in discussion with Chinese investors about creating a “Chinese Village” in the city, the CEO of Enterprise Greater Moncton said Thursday.”

    Well, if MFC can bring 30 new chinese students every 3 months, and U de M will bring-in 60 new chinese students in Sep 07 (rumor), all makes sense.

    Speaking of Enterprise, anyone heard the rumor that SME grants (via Enterprise Greater Moncton) are reduced from $500k to $100k annually, from ACOA?

  10. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea, a chinese village where there are no chinese!