Ya gotta have priorities, no?

Ah, to be in British Columbia in the spring…….

Oops, I drifted off there. I was just reading that PM Harper is going to honour the former Liberal commitment of $591-million to to boost trade between Canada and Asia. B.C. is second only to Alberta for economic growth in recent years. It has been rocking so….

…of course it will need $591 million to build ports, roads and more trade with Asia.

New Brunswick, on the other hand, has been fizzling so…..

…of course it will need another $50 million to top up Employment Insurance. And how about another $100 million in Equalization for good measure!

Buy the rich son a new suit and put him through his Master’s degree.

Increase the poor son’s allowance while patting him on the back for flunking out of Sally Struthers’ TV/VCR repair course.


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  1. Trevor says:

    You have anything against Sally Struthers’? 😉

  2. scott says:

    I think it had a lot to do with cutting taxes and reducing wasteful spending in government.

    I remember travelling with my better half to NYC in 2000 to visit a couple of her Australian friends who happened to be traders on Wall Street. As a Vancouverite, she had met them in a bar in 1997 and had remained friends with them ever since. When we went to visit them in their office to have a chat, and as soon as they got wind that I was a politico in Ottawa, they started bitching about the unions and social engineering of the BC government of the day. They said that their father [a bigtime trader internationally] had pulled all his investments, stocks, mutuals and companies out of BC. They were disgusted at the unions attittude towards corporations and business. It nearly crippled the BC economy.

    That is why I was very glad to see Premier Campbell take a stand against public sector unions, especially Employees’ Union (HEU).

    There is no doubt that British Columbia deserves this investment as Gordon Campbell was very proactive with Ottawa. He used to make regular visits to the town to pitch BC as “a place to live, invest and work” while our Premier was busy campaigning for a job he never applied for. Nuff said on that front.

    Unfortunately David, we have not proven, yet, that we deserve to be taken seriously. That will only come when the provincial government realizes what it has to do to prepare New Brunswick to be competitive in the 21st century business climate. Once our province does that, I’m certain we will register on the investment meter in Ottawa.

    And for the record, I’m quite certain that Premier Campbell would be in favour of moving Atlantica forward if it were to better the region economically. Even if he didn’t agree with everything the concept had to offer and the philosophy behind it, he wouldn’t be that that proud to do what’s best for the region he represents. Deals are a zero sum game, not an economic utopia.

  3. David Campbell says:

    Premier Campbell, Premier Campbell.


    Has a nice ring to it, no?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, sure. Unfortunately this is what it comes down to, rich investors vs. everyone else. Those poor babies earning 80 grand a year. Of course we know that British Columbians see through it and Mr. Drunk Driver saw one of the lowest popular votes for a government in Canada. That’s of course bollocks as even a ten minute look at the economy in BC shows. Once more federal bailouts are on the way and are the order of the day.

    The problem with New Brunswick is the same problem it has always been, and why it can’t be compared to BC (beyond the obvious reasons)-New Brunswick became a corporate run province long before the other provinces did. That mission has been accomplished, all that remains is to get rid of all these damn useless people!

  5. scott says:

    It definitely does my friend. LOL Better than the ring my last name is getting these days. 😉