Weird sense of denial

Former Premier Bernard Lord has posted a thank you note to New Brunswickers on the PC web site. Check out this segment:

Two weeks ago, the people of New Brunswick chose a new government. While our party and our platform received more votes and support than any other, these votes translated into fewer seats.

As you know, I am a firm believer in democracy.

He goes on to repeat all the same crap about record this, record that, best this, best that as if he had been re-elected.

Am I missing something here?

The only reason to say this is to make some insinuation that the new government is somehow not legitimate.

I don’t want to kick someone when they are down but I think a little contrition would be in order.

That stuffy arrogance that was pervasive during his reign continues to the end and beyond. I think that’s his Achilles Heal. Even politicians need to be able to admit defeat and admit they did things wrong and learn from their mistakes.

As for the winning popular vote thing, if Lord could have ever made a single decision within a millenium, he may have accepted the recommendations of his committee and moved towards a PR model. Then he may have won after all.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That depends how you define ‘legitimate’ (although I don’t think that was his insinuation). Ask any native and they’ll tell you ALL about legitimate governments. A legitimate government is the one that has the police and army behind it, simple as that.

    But Lord was simply telling the truth, his party got more votes and got more votes than last time, so their is no point in beating around the bush about it. He is more popular today than he was three years ago.

    There’s no doubt about the irony though, it’s pretty hard to miss. However, it perhaps was not just a dismissive to his troops, because now the ball is in the liberals court. Hopefully Lord will be hammering on this in the legislature, since he DID announce the referendum its pretty hard for the liberals to deflect.

    The liberals have never been as amenable to referenda or political change as the conservatives. They are typically content to wait for the conservatives to get too radical or self implode.

  2. to it and at it says:

    Don’t forget Lord did a lot of talking about fixed election dates, but then decided to call a snap election.


    If the NDP had been given another year to get their act together, maybe they’d have siphoned enough Liberal votes to keep the Tories in power.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I read his document. I guess he realizes that people are wondering what his legacy is so he is trying to make one.

    If I hear “the people of New Brunswick” one more time I will surely puke.

    This from a man would couldn’t make a decision on anything. How long did it take him to make a decision on Lepreau? Whether it is right or wrong, finally a decision was made over months–or probably it was years.

    Maybe the man will try to stay on in NB opposition–does he have any other place to go? I doubt the Feds want him. Too bad for Bernie, he has to be King of the Castle, and no one in Ottawa will welcome that.

    And he certainly doesn’t have the proven track record with business that Frank McKenna had.

  4. scott says:

    If the NDP had been given another year to get their act together, maybe they’d have siphoned enough Liberal votes to keep the Tories in power.

    Something tells me that these particular New Democrats would have had a similar fate even with a decade of preparation.

  5. Downes says:

    I think this item shows why the people of New Brunswick decided it was time for a new government. I mean, if not even an election result would convince him that he was on the wrong track, what would…?