This must bite

Every time former Premier Lord speaks, its to talk about his wonderful record while in office. It’s as if he (and most Tories) think the recent electoral loss was more about Lord’s ability to communicate all the prosperity heaped on New Brunswickers.

The NB Tory party would be far better advised to look deeper at the real reasons why they almost lost in 2003 and did lose in 2006.

For example, hospital wait times are the longest in New Brunswick of all provinces in Canada.

It’s one thing to talk endlessly about ‘investing’ 75% of ‘all new money’ into health care.

But the people on the street know the reality.

Same goes for the economy.

They talked endlessly about the ‘lowest unemployment rate’ in 30 years.

But the people on the street know the reality.

This should be a lesson for the ruling Liberals and the rebuilding Tories.

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0 Responses to This must bite

  1. Anonymous says:

    So you’re saying the Tories should adopt the liberal strategy of badmouthing their party?? Dude, don’t hang up ED for campaign manager anytime soon:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    What are your thoughts on the latest report from the Consumer Advocate for Insurance?

    I had mentioned during the election campaign that the insurance companies’ profits were way out of whack. Consumers were being duped. Yes, premiums went down (for some), but the insc. industry continued to rake in huge profits due to reduced claims.

    I’m anxiously awaiting an announcement regarding the present insurance negotiations. I don’t expect miracles, but now the pressure is on them.

  3. David Campbell says:

    I only read the media reports on the report but from them it would seem that there is some room to move on rates. But for me, this is the perfect role for the regulatory agency. I think we need a system that is fair and works for consumers while providing, over time, a reasonable rate of return for the insurers.