Quebec nation

I have to admit some confusion over the English media’s rush to poo poo any thought of a Quebec ‘nation’ within the ‘country’ of Canada. These paragons of intellectualism fear that this will lead to more handouts and powers for Quebec.

I find that an interesting position to take given that without Quebec in the Constitution they have negotiated their own, distinct federal pension plan, their own immigration system, separate tax collection system, and on and on and on. In addition, Quebec has laws on the books that would be illegal anywhere else in Canada (i.e. the sign law).

I, for one, would like to get Quebec to sign the Constitution and get on with it. It’s perfectly reasonable to have a country like Canada that has a distinct place for Quebec. Quebec wants to ensure that it doesn’t become Louisiana – and that’s a fair concern. We should be able to protect the cultural and linguistic uniqueness of Quebec within Canada.

I think the public is tired of multi-generational concerns over Quebec separatism. I think the Canadian public might be up for a little effort to bring Quebec into the fold. To get that crap behind us.

But if the Canadian English media has anything to do with it, there won’t be any attempt to address this anytime soon.

Too bad.

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  1. scott says:

    I am not against having these talks, especially if it is on Iggy’s hour and not the conservatives.

    Why should the conservatives stay away from such talks?

    Well, firstly, they were ripped apart after Meech and Charlottetown and it would be political suicide for the party to open up that can of worms again, especially when they are struggling, at the moment, to make significant gains in La belle province.

    And secondly, the media painted Mulroney and the conservatives as a scary right wing org doing business behing closed doors during Meech. I don’t think the same would happen to the Liberals if they chose to go that route.

    However, with the threat of separation very much a reality, there has to be some discussion regarding the constitution. If we ignore it, like Chretien did in 1991-95, it may just creep up and bite us on the ass. And let me tell you, that would not only be devastating to Canada, but it would be a catastrophy for franco as well as anglo New Brunswickers, IMHO.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Keep in mind that the last Quebec referendum on sovereignty was right after english canada, in a nation wide referendum said ‘no’ to any demands of Quebec ‘distinctiveness’. Of course, in reality the referendum was far more than that, however, it’s easy to see why Quebecers would feel the way they did.

    There is, of course, a seriously large percentage of Quebecers who want their own country. The reality is that there is no political party that is going to go near constitutional talks right now.

    As stated Quebec is pretty much a recognized distinct society and still benefits from canadian largesse, so I suspect the ‘status quo’ suits many people just fine.

    Opening constitutional talks is suicide for any political party right now. For one thing, the canadian public is even more resentful of federal politicians than during Mulroney, and since ratification involves referenda, you can forget that option.

    For Quebec though, its irrelevant what anybody else thinks, the federal government has already drafted the blueprint for secession. It all comes down to Quebecers and their referenda. You can’t ‘send in the tanks’ to keep the country together if they vote to leave. There are rumblings that Canadian militarism internationally could be the next issue to bring out Quebecers hostility. That all depends on the next Quebec provincial election.

    But don’t mistake any party noises for anything other than what they are. In reality, it comes down to PROVINCIAL, and not federal elections in Quebec.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, put a break in your links, otherwise they get cut off.

  4. scott says:

    Moncton and Sherbrooke, both in Quebec, St. John’s in Newfoundland and Halifax in Nova Scotia were all leading the charge for Canada.

    Nice geographic awareness by the boneheads who wrote that piece. No wonder we get overlooked, even so-called educated media relations ppl can’t seem to locate NB cities in the right province. Geeesh!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Quebecker (Québécois), and this debate upsets me. I mean, you guys seem to admit the obvious : Quebec forms a nation. That is undoubtaly so,essentially because we are talking about a defined territory housing a population with a shared language, common culture and history, and sense of belonging. And most importantly it is so simply because so many Quebeckers clame so.
    The problem I have with this debate is why is it a debate in the first place. Since when is reality “debatable” !? The most shocking is that, polls after polls show that an overwhelming majority of english Canadians do not agree with this statement that Quebec forms a nation.Canada: a country supposed to be defined by tolerance… but what is the negation of the existence of a group besides the ultimate form of intolerance !?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good Day to all
    I am as well a Quebecker, although I am an english quebecker and I would have to say that on this side of the line you tend to be disregarded and looked down on by your own government. I would truly love to see the federal government step in to break this devision made by the Quebec government. It is truly devestating to be anglo in quebec, you have most opportunities pulled out from under your feet as well as having to deal with a government that truly disregards you needs and wants based soley on language. I personaly do not think or believe that living under an extremly biased government that promotes the downfall and oblideration of the mother tounge of a country is beneficial to any one on either side. The use of language police is complete and utter nonsence, are we living in WWII under a nazi regiem? I must say it does feel like that sometimes. Prove you went to english school… you can’t then you are not allowed to learn english… you sign is not french… here is your fine…. that printer does not have french only templates…. remove them.. You tell me what kind of life is being given to our unique nation.