New Irving Refinery

CBC is reporting this A.M. that the Irvings are about to announce another multi-billion dollar 1,000 person refinery in the Saint John area. The formal announcement is expected tomorrow.

What’s interesting about this from a political perspective is that this refinery must have been in the works for months if not years.

Why not announce it one month ago? Or two? Or three?

That would have been quite a bounce for the Tories in an area that cost them the election.


Maybe the Irvings aren’t as neutral as we might have suspected.

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0 Responses to New Irving Refinery

  1. Anonymous says:

    Neutral? Where is Mr.Campbell this morning? Who do you think Al Hogan WORKS for?

    But that assumption is way off. It’s highly doubtful that anybody would attribute it to Lord, that would be outright ludicrous.

    It doesn’t matter what party is in power, Irving does what it wants. Even Graham knew not to step on any Irving toes in his platform.

    What is outright hilarious about this, is that for YEARS everybody has been complaining “well we only have so much refining done, those damn environmentalists won’t let us build any more refineries,thats why your gas prices are so high”

    Some suckers actually believed this, let’s watch and see just how much sway ‘environmentalists’ have over whether a SECOND refinery is built in St. John. In almost every place in Canada people would be fighting tooth and nail to keep a refinery OUT. It’s the environmental equivalent of a ‘heroin factory’ or a ‘cootie farm’.

    Yes, that will create 1000 jobs, and some subsidiaries will benefit from that, but really all it does is basically puts a stranglehold on Irvingtown and will make Saint John the Pittsburgh of the eighties. Hell, Saint John already LOOKS like those pictures of coal mine towns, full of factories, nice homes in the suburbs and wretched poverty all through the city.

    It will be interesting to see just how much of ‘good news’ people see this as. I’ll tell you one thing, fifty bucks says it doesn’t make a difference in gas prices.

  2. scott says:

    That’s pretty normal procedure for a company to either announce expansions in the fall and spring months, when people are watching, and anounce cutbacks and job losses during the Christmas season when people are busy and occupied. However, don’t tell that to the individuals who end up collecting pogy for the holidays.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do you think it might have been payback for gas price regulation?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with government at all. They just know the timing is right, with gas prices increasing and St. John voices talking ‘energy hub’. The weird thing is, like resources the strongest municipal economies are those with zero energy resources.

    It’s a simple business venture, Irving is getting into the energy business big time, and doubling output will double profits. In the states its virtually impossible to get a refinery built nowadays as people actually have political power to veto them.

    In Canada, particularly NB, not only will it not be fought hard, it’ll be positively welcomed with open arms. It enhances Canada’s reputation as the US’s gas station.

    Irving already pretty much owns St. John, this will put their final stamp on the city. We saw how easy they got a tax break for the LNG, anybody that thinks they won’t be looking for more goodies doesn’t know the irvings very well. In Maine, municipalities are getting offers for twice the property taxes Irving is paying. Those savings pay a lot of salaries!