At least one segment of the population is doing well

It’s nice to see that Al Hogan over at the T&T has his priorities right. AFter burying the story last week showing New Brunswick’s steepest population decline in a single year since the Depression in the 1930s, we get a front page story this morning about rise in the deer population in New Brunswick.

I guess in some editor’s twisted mind, the deer population is more important than the people population.

Maybe he should push for more Equalization for the deer – since they warrant a large front page story.

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0 Responses to At least one segment of the population is doing well

  1. Anonymous says:

    What does that say about our population, who buy and support the T&T?

  2. scott says:

    The pheasant population is becoming a problem near the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border. Maybe we should build a wall or moat to keep them out? 😉

  3. David Campbell says:

    The Alberta Pheasant Society should issue a publication called ‘FlyWest’ and distribute it to all those lazy birds in the marsh. I hear there’s a shortage of birds as the razing of land for oil exploration kills off bird populations. I’m tired of those birds living off the pogey in that marsh anyway.

  4. scott says:

    LOL!! Now that’s funny.