A bit disoriented this morning

When the labour market survey came out last month, there were several thousand less people working in New Brunswick. No mention in the Times & Transcript. The new population estimates came out three weeks ago confirming one of the most serious demographic challenges in the history of our province. Al Hogan buried it on page four in a small bottom corner story.

Today, I read 600 More NBers Out Of Work in big, bold letters on the front page of the newspaper.


Now, after Bernie’s out of office, the monthly labour market decline becomes important?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually glad he his reporting this stuff.

It’s so cute, the same spinners that span for Jody Carr are working for Dr. Doherty:

“With only a few days in office as the new minister, I am encouraged by some of the most recent labour force statistics, but our government realizes that there is more work left to be done,” said Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Ed Doherty.

The biggest decline in the size of the labour force (year over year) in a decade and Minister Doherty is ‘encouraged’.

You should go back and check the comments from Jody Carr and his predecessors. Every month they are ‘encouraged’.

They shouldn’t be.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, that’s even scarier than hearing it from the tories, since we knew what was coming. However, if it does show a shift in reporting, then its only a matter of time before the liberals changed the strategy. It’s one thing to say it when the media parrots the party line, but if they are actually going to get more antagonistic, then the government just looks like its going to bury its head in the sand.

    However, its not surprising coming from the Irving press. I have a suspicion that ‘jobs’ will become very much a feature of their press, depending on the public reaction to the new refinery.

    Every place in North America has refused to build new refineries-and for a reason. The press and the Saint John Board of Trade have been chirping how wonderful everything is, so when/if you have a public that believes it, why would they want to take a risk on a new refinery? Sure, ‘new jobs’, but the economy isn’t bad, things are wonderful, so why do we want yet another polluter?

    That’s the kind of myth they’ll have to dispel, so I predict they’ll be all kinds of stories on the jobless rate and wondrous stories of the opportunities of these jobs. WHile the media and go on about being an ‘energy hub’ anybody with half a brain will ask exactly what that means and what it means for them. Turns out not much.

    As for the liberals,that is indeed scary and should show at least the New Brunswickers who visit this site that there is virtually NO difference in the two parties. No doubt a large percentage know it for other reasons, but here we have pretty clear evidence. Combine it with the fact that they aren’t even meeting until February (which means no new legislation) and you can tell they have the similar intent of doing as little legislating as possible. Meanwhile, Nova Scotia puts out twice to three times as much legislation, and even PEI does more.

  2. scott says:

    I’m glad these people aren’t in charge of national homeland security because by the time these jokers figured out there was a serious threat, the entire country would be nuked.

    However, it is just as sad that they are in charge of the NB economy because that’s on the verge of being nuked as well. 😉

  3. scott says:

    Btw, I’m not sure which takes more abuse, Al Hogan himself or his vehicle?

    If he’s on this blog and not on the highway, probably Al. LOL

  4. Anonymous says:


    Please tell me how you can blame someone after being 5 days one the job?

  5. David Campbell says:

    Well, I think for better or worse there is ‘poli-speak’ which kicks in soon after you are in government. For the Minister to say he is ‘encouraged’ by the labour market data would indicate either a) poli-speak is already in high gear or (more likely) b) they have the same press release spin doctor from the previous administration and Dr. Doherty probably just approved the text. My point is that I would like to see a little more serious a tone creep into the language of government. Dr. Doherty should have said there are seriously concerned about the state of the labour market – not ‘encouraged’. As a side note, I heard about three more folks leaving New Brunswick – just this weekend. Anecdotially, the out-migration seems to be even more pronounced in the past 6-12 months. We’ll have to wait for the migration stats but my spidey sense is telling me it won’t look good.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So its YOU. When’s your next movie? Seriously though, its easy to blame somebody for a remark like that, whether its five days or fifty. The other comments are just bizarre so we’ll stick to the case at hand-blame.

    Namely, I’ll stick to the cancellation of a fall sitting. This is important to New Brunswickers because it shows just how similar the liberals and conservatives actually are.

    In 2005 it cost $6 million dollars to cover the salaries and expenses of the legislature, that excludes the half million paid to the parties.

    Expenses may be somewhat lower, we don’t know yet, but salaries are fixed, so that amount for two months work is 15% of the funding that is provided to the University of New Brunswick, and more than one half of Mount A and more than St. Thomas. That is a HUGE amount of cash to be paid out for essentially doing nothing. There were only two new bills approved, the work of which was done last year.

    So for the liberals to continue this ‘we’ll get paid, we just won’t work’ just goes to show just how little things really need to get changed. One would have thought Graham really would get cracking if he wants things turned around by 2020, but if this is the pace, well, that just says it all.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny that the Times & Transcript looks like it cares about the unemployed in this province but consider that they, and their parent company Brunswick News Inc., have either laid off or fired dozens in 2006.

    Not only that, they have replaced “higher salary” employees with less paid workers. I would also point out that they usually get a handout from the NB government for their semi-annual job fair.

    Perhaps reporting employment numbers will help loosen the purse strings of the new Liberal government.