You think Frank might play some role?

Frank McKenna, former New Brunswick Premier and Canadian Ambassador to the United States, will deliver the keynote address at a conference Wednesday Sept. 20 hosted by the city and TD Bank.

Deputy chair of the TD Bank Financial Group, McKenna will discuss ways in which Greater Sudbury can increase its future prosperity.

Now that the evil empire has passed from view in New Brunswick, do you think that Frank McKenna will use some of his sway to help attract some new industries to the province? Some have said that ‘Frank is in it for Frank’ but I don’t buy that.

I read somewhere that something like 60% of Fortune 500 CEOs have done something for their hometown.

Frank’s not a Fortune 500 CEO but he may as well be.

Let’s see, I can think of a few opportunities…..

A CanWest eastern production studio (how about an anti-Times & Transcript?)

A TD Bank financial services back office (hedge fund research, etc.)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think anybody in a position of some authority is ever in it truly for themselves. That ‘evil empire’ simply had different values than you. Let’s be fair now that Lord isn’t calling the shots, it was hardly his fault that Hogan is a toady.

    And to disagree again, politicians have constituents,so they can’t adhere to their ideals completely. By not spending on the economy Lord was adhering to basic conservative ‘sort of’ free market theory. Meaning, you wait for companies to come to you and you let ‘society’ fend for itself as much as possible.

    However, with an aging and loud population you can’t do that with health care and education. Hence the begging from the feds to pay for it, since the alternative is raising taxes. And again, that is FEDERAL money, so its easily justified and I doubt you’ll see Graham turning down any cash.

    That’s hardly ‘evil’ (though I know you were mostly kidding), it may not be some people’s view, but New Brunswick is a conservative province, and again, the guy got more votes than last time and more than the opposition, so clearly his style of government resounds with at least half the population.

    That’s probably the last opportunity to say that. Now onto the ‘wishful thinking’ category of todays blog:) First, we can note that Frank was in Sudbury, NOT New Brunswick. Second, one would like to think that if Frank ‘cared’ then he’d use some clout even if there were a different party in power.

    Third, this is a guy who works in the Carlyle Group, which represents some of the most powerful people in the world. How many have come to New Brunswick?

    I just had a thought, I was about to say, ‘sure they’ve been here, lots have leases on the mirimachi and restigouche rivers’. Perhaps a reason they don’t want to develop NB is because they’ll lose a primary fishing hole!

    But I’ll tell you, we live in an age of giant corporations, and despite what you’ve heard, that are not nearly as antagonistic as you think. When one group of billionaires stakes claim on an area, the rest know to stay put. You will NEVER see Canwest here, that’s the ultimate pipe dream. Most have said New Brunswick cities are lucky to have even ONE paper per city.

    You can look at that historical precedent. There’s a reason that Irving has the prime locations in the province, Esso said that if Irving moved into Ontario then they’d ramp up competition here. That’s how chummy these guys are.

    There’s a new crop of business leaders though, and they make decisions along different lines, but if you look, you’ll find lots of them are like the guy in Parrsboro, they aren’t looking for heavy handed provincial governments who will muck things up, they are looking for local governments who will just make the transition easy with good workers, roads, etc.

    So will Frank pony up some weapons manufacturing? Good question. If so, then we’ll know just how partisan these people can be, and along those lines I don’t give that much of a &^%$ about jobs or investment, when they start doing weapons manufacturing I’ll be there protesting with many others. That’s actually a good idea for a blog…just how much would the population sell its soul for jobs?