You gotta have priorities

I, like you, have been watching the blogosphere with some interest this election cycle to assess what is motivating online comment. I do my Google blog search every other day or so as well as directly checking on the most content rich election blogs.

I was quite fascinated to assess the impact of two separate stories on the blogosphere. One was the mass distribution of the MOVEWEST magazine in the three English language newspapers in New Brunswick. This story was picked up by the CBC. The other is the auto insurance issue.

The first issue goes to what should be the very heart and soul of the election campaign. The other is an ongoing annoyance that at worst costs us a few hundred more bucks a year.

So my search of the blogosphere found no commentary on MOVEWEST (except mine) and literally dozens of comments on the cursed auto insurance. Even the Poitras blog over at CBC could only muster up three comments on MOVEWEST but 13 on auto insurance.

The massive push by western Canada to raid our best and brightest is not worthy of blogosphere debate but those evil auto insurance companies – bring it on.

It takes time to blog, you gotta have priorities.

Check back in 10 years. New Brunswick will have the best public auto insurance in the world and no cars left on the roads because we will have all moved to Alberta.


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  1. Altavistagoogle says:

    Actually, the West doesn’t want our best and brightest. They want our skilled labour (trades).

    And they want OUR skilled labour because Albertan salaries still are not that high when compared to Ontario or Quebec…

  2. David Campbell says:

    I thought so until I read all the advertisments in the MOVEWEST publication. Health care jobs, finance & administration, civil servants, engineering, computer programmers, retail, police, financial specialists, telecom, bartenders – let’s face it – they are coming at Atlantic Canadians with a hard and compelling message. Check this one out Northern BC & the Maritimes: we’re more alike than you think!.

    Staples will pay your relocation costs and 30% more than you would get in a Staples here in New Brunswick.

    There were more ads for health care jobs in MOVEWEST than any other profession.

    This is the first time I have seen a coordinated effort like this funded in large part by government.

  3. Cooker Boy says:

    This is the best thing to happen to this area! It’s a wakeup call to those who have been hitting the snooze button for too long.

    The question people should be asking is, why aren’t we doing the same? Publish a magazine like this in Europe, Ont or even Alberta to make a pitch to those wanting to come back. There is opportunity here, it just requires an effort by govt to think “outside” the box or as I call it, NB.

    If this doesn’t get people moving, nothing will.

  4. David Campbell says:

    The voice of reason eminating out of Memramcook.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t Lord already advertising the ‘move home’ line? Move home to what? A thirty percent reduction in wages at Staples? Come to New Brunswick for our ‘opportunities’, they include…um, er, hold on, I’m sure there’s one somewhere! Sure, in europe you have a union where hazardous chemicals are checked, local industries protected, living wages higher, standard of living higher, education, health care. But in New Brunswick we’ve got…er, um, now hold on I’m sure its here somewhere… oh yeah, massive poverty!

    I’ve got news for you, there are LOTS of people in this world that look to where they will live based on the society they are moving to. Public insurance says to people “we’re not going to let insurance companies in ontario dictate how much wealth is sucked out of the province”. It says there is a government that actually looks out for the interests of its citizens and responds to them.

    I’ll say it once more, millions leave New Brunswick for the investment houses in Ontario. Why anybody who wants to build up New Brunswick would oppose the province having more money is beyond me, but that’s other people’s business.

    As for the movewest, it is no surprise people don’t respond, simply because in the case of public insurance there is something we can DO. You vote for a party that says it will have public insurance, or at least the one that feigns interest.

    For movewest, what are people going to say? Even at this blog the only option is to hopefully maybe advertise the hell out of the province and maybe big companies will come. Of course big companies are here, but we won’t talk about that, just because they screw us over just means you need MORE big companies.

    In other words, there is no ready solution, even plugging hundreds of millions into ED only means New Brunswick will have more notoriety as the place not to do business.

    So its no surprise that an issue that has been around for years isn’t gathering steam, but one that has clear cut solutions is.

    The alternative: New Brunswick years later with not only hardly any people, but where people can’t afford to drive because of premiums.

  6. MonctonLandlord says:

    The famous repatriation event by Lord a few years ago when he travelled 5 cities in the country with staff hired from Bristol to coordinate and publicize the event saw little results.

    The famous picture (now on careerbeacon see below) showing professionals in NB is sad, since I personnally know of 2 of them have either left the area or was out of work shortly after the picture was taken.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Nice link above. Doesn’t that just say it all. Just for fun I started going through the companies, which is just basically a list of companies that happen to exist in the province. Exxon’s businesss centre-“come back often as we’ll be hiring in the future”. Assurion-a part time call centre job, and a full time supervisor job where they don’t list the pay scales, but inform workers they must be available ANYTIME seven days a week, 24 hours a day! Now who WOULDN”T want to work in a job like that!

    The other jobs are mostly small time retail, or Irving companies, many of which have been laying off people for years. I can’t verify the above posters claim about the people in the photograph, but is anybody really surprised?

    And just like the ‘movewest issue’, once conversation starts getting down to specifics, generally there are few takers. People wait until a different topic comes along. Although politicians have been talking issues, what I’ve seen on the ‘blogosphere’ (well, the three or four other blogs) has been criticizing ‘strategy’, talking about polls, rumours of people’s future political careers, and guesses on how people are going to vote. And these are people who are the real political junkies!

    So its no surprise that there is little comment, particularly when the two party leaders aren’t even mentioning it. However, hold tight, they will be, AIMS has more political clout than either provincial party. When Canada hits that next recession things are going to get baaaaaaad. Then we’ll be hearing nothing BUT how bad things are.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Here’s the quagmire(i think I spelled that correctly)…How does NB transform itself into the “investment” province, when we do not have the labour skills to support large investments?