T&T campaigning hard for Tories

A colleague of mine said he thought the T&T was a little less biased this year in their election coverage because the adjectives used to describe the Liberals were a little more aggressive.

I don’t think so. Al thinks he won the 1999 election for the Tories and the 2003 and he is pushing hard in 2006.

He has a massive front page graphic and story about the huge PC lead in the election. 51% to 43%. The actual figure is 38% PC, 34% Lib. within the margin of error of 5%.

Now it’s pretty for the Al Hogan/Louis Leger/Chisholm Pothier team to do this. They know full well that there is a percentage of ‘us’ that want to vote with the winner and will shift at the end to the person we perceive to be winning

Think I’m exaggerating?

TJ headline: Tories edge ahead by a nose
DG headline: Poll gives Tories the edge

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I somewhat disagree, but not about the T & T. The idea is to create the perception that New Brunswickers are evenly split, meaning, that there is no real difference between the two parties. This would make people defer to the ‘devil you know’ routine, or more likely, pick the guy of the same party as the feds since the province relies so heavily on equalization payments.

    I don’t know of anybody who votes for a candidate because they think the majority will vote for them. Its a closed booth after all, its not like wearing a sign saying you voted for the winner is going to get you anything.

    Plus, of course, the province is divided into ridings, and 600 divided by 58 is around ten people per riding. People aren’t stupid, saying in general how people will vote across the province says nothing abuot how the riding will go. If you live in a riding which was a blowout, you may think there’s no point in showing up to vote.

    In many ridings people already knew it was close, so this is a way to keep people from talking about actual policies.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If the adjectives were more aggressive wouldn’t that make them MORE biased?