The truth about small biz in NB

I was reading a story where Premier Lord was once again touting his small business tax cut and how good that has been for the NB economy.

I have from time to time been reporting this Statistics Canada table but I haven’t given you the latest data. From June 2000 (or about the time the small biz tax cuts started), there has been a 4% decline in the percentage of businesses remitting payroll deductions (i.e. active businesses with payroll). Now the chart below says it all. In addition to this chart, if you look at the peak number of total businesses in Q1 of 2001, the number is down by 6%.

Before I dissected this number by small, medium and large biz and the small biz sector is actually harder hit than the larger biz sectors.

So, let’s just forget about politics for a minute. Politicians will say/do anything during an election cycle. Fair enough.

But when Premier Lord started getting this data in 2002, then 2003, then 2004, then 2005, then 2006, didn’t he, and his ‘advisors’, start to think there may be some problem here? That the tax cut was meant to spur new small business but they were actually witnessing a decline in small business?

I can’t even imagine what he was told by his experts.

I’ll tell you this. He should have figured out by at the latest 2003 that his tax cut was not doing what he thought it would.

That’s the rub. The Premier can say whatever he wants about job creation, small business, exports on and on with no real rebuttal.

But some Tory blogger wants Jacques Poitras to investigate whether or not Shawn Graham was actually a teacher.

Misleading the public in a callous way (Lord knows these numbers better than I do) is acceptable but digging around in the dirt to try and find some skeleton in Shawn Graham’s closet is fair game.

I hope Jacques doesn’t fulfill this silly request. Further, if he does, I hope he add that Bernard Lord was a failed politician before he ever ran for the provincial Tories. He couldn’t even win a seat on Dieppe town council.

And how about his long and extensive track record as a lawyer?

Let the dirt fly.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. scott says:

    Further, if he does, I hope he add that Bernard Lord was a failed politician before he ever ran for the provincial Tories. He couldn’t even win a seat on Dieppe town council.

    And how about his long and extensive track record as a lawyer?

    Daivid: I have a considerable amount of respect for Bill Clinton as he is one of my favorite politicians, but he was impeached for lying under oath about something silly.

    The fact that someone may regard his past defeat as an Arkansas governor or his track record as a lawyer as a failure of his character are irrelevant as people voted him in knowing these facts.

    I think the same goes for Lord, he was upfront about his track record before entering the political arena. What I am saying here is it unacceptable, if it is found to be true, for a potential Premier to mislead the public on such a silly tidbit of info. Like I said, I am not accusing Shawn of anything here, on the contrary, all I would like to know before I enter the voting booth are the facts. Is that so much to ask from our guys and gals in New Brunswick?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Scott,

    I see you still have your blinders on!!!

  4. David Campbell says:


    Sorry about my nasty post.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It depends what you mean by ‘upfront’. I never heard Lord comment on this, I don’t rememember any comments about “I’m a failed lawyer” or “I lost every election I was in” from him. The facts are out there and its impossible to deny them, so he didn’t do that.

    The Clinton thing is a good example, in the states virtually every poll, showed that americans were disgusted with the system that wasted so much time and effort impeaching a guy for saying he didn’t get a BJ (and is especially ludicrous considering what the next President lied about).

    So for voters its a matter of political distraction. What’s next “We heard Shawn Graham actually never drove a Ford Taurus, it was actually a Mercury Sable”

    This reflects what that poll shows, which is that Lord is getting desperate to pin anything on Graham he can find. That’s pretty nasty, simply commenting on that isn’t, and certainly doesn’t need an apology.

  6. Anonymous says:

    There’s another good story out there that I’m not sure is true. We know Lord makes almost $200 G a year, but somebody made a point that Lord was now worth $13 million. I don’t know where that figure comes from, He’s been Premier for six years, but being Premier brings a lot of perks, so if he invested $100 a year, at todays market rates that could have up to 15 G after one year, so compound interest could add up quickly.

    I don’t know where the number comes from, maybe some guy just made it up, either way, with that salary Lord is a very rich man thanks to New Brunswickers, yet I haven’t seen the liberals mention this once. So who’s REALLY throwing the mud in this race.

  7. scott says:

    David: No worries. I wasn’t offended at all as I don’t take stuff like that to heart during an election campaign. After this is all over, I know I could still sit down for a coffee. LOL

    In the meantime, keep hammerin away as you know I will. We only have a few more days.

  8. shameshame says:

    “but somebody made a point that Lord was now worth $13 million. “

    I made the point of the 13 million man.

    And it was a statement made by mr blow himself mckenna stating HIS worth.
    And it was ME who wanted to know where he got it. DON’T YOU
    Yes mckenna,you know the same person was spun the fact he was bilingual while premier,but couldn’t run for fed lib leader cause of poor french,or was it because Bradshaw would have beat him.liberals lie and they multiply.
    Just give us facts.Try to be more like americans,truthful.

  9. David Campbell says:

    Let’s keep the posts civil, or I’ll delete them. I haven’t cut anyone off but the debate here should stick to the facts. I want to promote a venue to discuss the economy and economic development not arguments back and forth about irrelevant topics.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Americans more truthful? Come now. Mckenna is ancient history in politics (at least elected politics), but that raises a good point that just got quite a bit of interest at the local Tim Hortons when I was (as usual) talking too loud.

    I don’t think it would be mudslinging to comment on the fact that obviously the PC party brings in over 100 grand a year. Well over that if they have permanent staff (and really, why would they need them?).

    NB is relatively poor, how many individuals do you know who made contributions to the PC party last year? One of the first comments I heard was “most of their money comes from industry”. If that were true, well, WHO is ‘the industry’ in New Brunswick, particularly who has that kind of money floating around (and gets lots of nice plump tax breaks).

    So in other words we live in a province where almost half of the Premier’s salary comes from one family, and its no secret about the perks they recieve.

    And there’s no doubt this has made Lord a rich man. So the question is, why doesn’t this get mentioned more often? Even bloggers haven’t been commenting on it, but most seem more distracted in commenting on polls and debates rather than issues.

    This single issue would subtract tons of PC votes, but of course the liberals know that you don’t PO Irving.

  11. cousin snerten snort says:

    Why would you be so discourteous as to smear MR. LORD ?
    He has never claimed to be rich.
    He is paid by the rules of government,that everyone knows,plus whatever stipent his party by democratic law allows him.
    RICH MAN:Bernard is not a rich man,and can never be a
    rich man living with family,on 200,000$ a year.
    I believe in the truth,why are you not?

  12. cousin snort says:

    Bernard lord is not a rich man, and never claimed to be a rich man,and his pay is legal and above board,as is shawn or all leaders.
    How can you smear an honest person

  13. snort says:

    shut up snert,im talkin