The Hoganization of Moncton continues

If you pick up the Telegraph-Journal this morning you see a front page story about the new Canadian Business ranking of Best Cities for Business in Canada. Saint John ranks 6th in Canada and Moncton has dropped from 1st two years ago to 18th this year.

If you pick up a copy of the Times & Transcript you see a front page story about how much beer we drink, Al Hogan’s belief that Moncton is a better site for concerts compared to Halifax and that Moncton is experiencing a ‘boom’ in housing starts.

Now, Monctonians have a right to know about the Canadian Business story. The T&T has an obligation to publish this story. I went through the whole paper and couldn’t find it anywher (it may be there I only reviewed the online version).

Moncton will argue that the Canadian Business methodology is flawed. Fine. That’s a good point but it doesn’t justify the T&T’s continued attempts to dumb down Monctonians with Al Hogan’s little Pollyanna world where all’s great (except anything the local government does or anything about the dreaded “Liberals”).

Monctonians need to know that the unemployment rate in the city is the highest it’s been in years. They need to know that the Canadian Business rankings place us near the bottom. They need to know that there hasn’t been a major new jobs announcement in months.

You and I know that Moncton is a good place for business. We know that it’s a great town. I love living and working here. Of course.

But I need to make that decision with my eyes wide open and with the T&T spending every time trying to get me to shut my eyes, that’s hard.

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0 Responses to The Hoganization of Moncton continues

  1. Anonymous says:

    What exactly has changed in two years? Any ideas? I find it hard to believe that in two years, when there hasn’t been a change in any level of government that suddenly there is such a drop. That’s not a disagreement with your point though.

  2. Geeks says:

    Rent has risen.
    Property taxes have risen.
    Energie has risen.
    Employers are having trouble finding qualified employees.

    Those would be the top reasons why on the top of my head.

  3. David Campbell says:

    I haven’t seen this year’s survey yet (it’s not on the Web). In previous years they did employ a scoring based on unemployment rate, inflation, building permits, etc. Moncton must be ranking low on some of these criteria.

  4. Drew says:

    On a related note, notice how the T&T article on the ‘wasteful spending’ cuts mention nothing about ACOA.