Message to Liberals: Don’t swat a hornets’ nest

If Shawn Graham was hoping to appease Al Hogan by throwing in a Cath Lab for the Moncton Hospital in his party platform, he shouldn’t have bothered.

Not only did Al Hogan not mention that Graham addressed his top election priority while the Premier has not (three straight days Al hammered the Cath Lab issue), Al turned up the savage attacks against Shawn Graham in today’s We Say (about auto insurance):

Not only are Shawn Graham and his party wrong about the facts – the “problem” existed last election, not this one – but by raising it and inviting close scrutiny of the government’s record, they are helping to prove Premier Bernard Lord’s claim the matter has been effectively and positively dealt with by his government.

Indeed, this appears to be a case of taking the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach by the Liberals.

Mr. Graham has said he’ll check out the facts and introduce public insurance within 60 days if the industry is gouging consumers. That does not mean he will bring in public insurance. It is rather an admission that he doesn’t know the facts and needs to get them, then he’ll decide what to do.

That is not a well-thought out platform plank nor is it a sign of a well-prepared leader. It is rather a sign of a last minute decision to toss one more issue into the pot and hope it helps.

In fact, I think Al saw the Liberal’s promising a Cath lab in Moncton as a slap in the face. He felt embarrassed as he had to consider the possibility that he would have to agree with a Shawn Graham policy.

The Liberals should have stayed away from that issue altogether. Better to ignore Al than try to apprease him and risk the full frontal assault as he did this morning.

As the election looms closer, you can expect the Times & Transcript editorially and through its coverage to crank up their Tory bias.

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  1. dolike dale graham says:

    CENTREVILLE, NEW BRUNSWICK, September 11 /CNW/ – Thomas Equipment, Inc.
    (“Thomas”) (AMEX: THM) today announced that Pneutech, Inc. (“Pneutech”), its
    wholly owned subsidiary, has successfully refinanced its existing credit
    facility with a larger US$15 million credit facility provided by Greystone
    Business Credit II, LLC (“Greystone”).

    “We are extremely disappointed with the Royal Bank of Canada and are
    currently assessing all legal claims related to their conduct from the
    original expiration of the credit facility through the date of refinancing
    with Greystone on September 8th, 2006,” stated David Marks, Chairman of Thomas
    Equipment, Inc. “We were delighted to close this financing with Greystone so
    we can rapidly proceed through our corporate restructuring.”
    # posted by LORD did dat : 11:35 AM

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting post above, any more links on what the whole story is? This is where the ‘pro canada’ bias always meets its match. I’ve been to several sites which bash american business practices, even though Canadian ones are far worse. The banking industry in canada is a monster, one that helps keep the maritimes in check. Manufacturing simply can’t grow.

    However, thats a bit presumptuous to think that Graham made a policy announcement just because he thought Al Hogan might like it. Anything health related is usually a vote booster.

  3. David Campbell says:

    However, thats a bit presumptuous to think that Graham made a policy announcement just because he thought Al Hogan might like it. Anything health related is usually a vote booster.

    The Cath lab in Moncton is a ‘vote booster’? Cripes, 99.5% of people have no idea what that is? I don’t and I have consulted to the health care industry.

    No, I’d bet 10 bucks that was slid in for Al’s benefit. One of the Saint John-based Liberal backroomers figured that would convert Al and make him endorse Shawn Graham.

    But he’d have a better chance playing pickup sticks with his butt cheeks as John Candy once said.

    Al Hogan is a highly partisan to-the-death kind of guy. The kind you might see as a blogger but as a newspaper editor? All media outlets get labelled as having some ‘bias’ but Al Hogan has turned it into an art form.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That’s because yer a yung un! Let me tell you, when you hit sixty you’ll know more about the heart than most family doctors. In short, a heart catheter is used to get diagnostic readings about the heart and the major arteries. Diagnostics, of course, is what its all about-find the problems before a heart attack hits. Thats BIG in the seniors group and keep in mind New Brunswick is the only province that had a “Grey Party”, a party whose only platform was geezer goings on.

    These people know from heart catheters even if you don’t. So the assumption that rather than listening to very vocal seniors the liberals were instead making an announcement on the vain hope that Al Hogan might convert seems an odd hope at best. I agree, Al is a blogger with the intelligence of a beanpole and shouldn’t even be WRITING for a paper let alone editing one. Hopefully that bias will turn enough people off-thats a possibility.

  5. goornogo? says:

    Thomas equipment;
    I assume it means it will open again,but maybe not.