It must be fun to be Nova Scotia these days

First there was RIM and its 1,200 new jobs

Then there was the 1,500 new jobs proposed for Parrsboro

In the last few weeks there has been a slew of new jobs annoucements

Manulife 150 new jobs

TD Meloche Monnex 125 new jobs

General Dynamics announced 110 new jobs providing software support for the Maritime
Helicopter Project

Michelin announced a major expansion

Not bad for a former high school gym teacher.


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  1. yoursomuchfun says:

    RIM announced its expansion to Nova Scotia last November with the help of
    a $14-million performance-based payroll rebate through Nova Scotia’s business
    development agency, NSBI, and a $5-million financial package including
    recruitment and training incentives from the province’s Office of Economic
    Who’s winning so far? hahaha
    Good thing your not religious.haha

  2. voteforthefacts says:

    Comparative Job Growth(2001-2005)Province2001 (jobs)2005 (jobs)MB12,00010,600N.B.10,50020,000N.S.8,00015,500


    N.B 2001–10500jobs

    N.S 2001–8000 jobs

    MB. 2005–10600jobs

    N.B 2005–20000jobs

    N.S 2005–15500jobs

  3. David Campbell says:

    Are you trying to serve up that crap on this blog? I am glad you titled your little spin ‘voteforthefacts’:

    Here’s another ‘fact’:

    Job Growth (%)
    August 1999 to August 2006
    Apples to Apples
    Statistic Canada data

    Newfoundland and Labrador 7.6%
    Prince Edward Island 13.1%
    Nova Scotia 7.7%
    New Brunswick 7.3%
    Quebec 13.5%
    Ontario 14.7%
    Manitoba 8.1%
    Saskatchewan 3.5%
    Alberta 21.0%
    British Columbia 15.4%

    Oh, poor ‘voteforfacts’. He/she doesn’t like facts. Facts, for example, like his/her name.

    Also, voteforfacts, if you take out the thousand of government jobs created and the 8,000 call centre jobs you don’t have many left.

    Facts. They always get in the way, don’t they?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The point at the top seems to make your point for you. I must admit I don’t understand the insanity which he ends his comments with.

  5. glubglubglub says:

    What does a name have to do with anything,mr desperate,haha

  6. David Campbell says:

    Mr. Desperate? What’s that supposed to mean?

    There are a lot of smart folks with good ideas (and some bad) that take serious time to post serious comments.

    I seriously hope you don’t officially represent the Tories (one of those paid bloggers) as I would have serious concerns with their selection.

    Buffoonery is not a substitute for intelligent debate.

  7. heliumbrain says:

    No,my “Buffoonery” is just a game,when I’v decided,their is no intelligence in your rants.I have no preference as yet because I am still listening.An intelligent person can not have a side,they are open to movement at all times and they NEVER use the word vison. I been around and sorry but your a phoney.Your Friends also seem a little slow,seems like their brain is going in and out of gear.Farmers need people like you right now.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Interesting. I would have to say our friend is off his medication. I’ve worked with schizophrenics before and I’ve seen the behaviour. If he has a point or a reason for calling people phonies or slow he’s welcome to post it. Apart from that, I don’t think we have to worry about too many taking the replies seriously, sort of like a court jester. That does represent a line of thinking, that as long as jobs are growing, whats to worry about? Lots of people have that view, so it should be posted here and debated.

  9. scott says:

    First there was RIM and its 1,200 new jobs

    Sorry to burst your bubble on this one David, but the doctor was the one that made RIM a reality and laid the groundwork for much, much more in Nova Scotia. I should know, I worked on that file in Ottawa for BNS (business deveopment PR side) Hamm even came up to speak to a business roadtable full of individuals from ROB TV, National Post, Bay Street organized by yours truly.

    Btw, don’t get me wrong, I like Rodney as a guy from Ottawa and I set up the blogs for him, I just think he is more in the line of a John Buchannan red tory…spend, spend, spend.

  10. Anonymous says:

    And I think Parrsboro was because that rich guy from BC really liked it there.

    Manulife and Meloche would never expand in NB, not after the government said the dreaded words “public insurance”. Governments need to be taught a lesson you know.

    Michelin is expanding, is there ANY manufacturing in NB that can be expanded?

  11. Geeks on Ice says:

    I remember the Cybersocial in Moncton held a special meeting to discuss contract opportunities for entrepreneurs for the Helicopter project. I also recall it being a really bad turnout. Opportunity missed.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Are there any companies that could actually bid on a project like that?

  13. Geeks on ice says: