Desserud wants more

I never quite understood the political goodie grab bag that is served up every election cycle. Lord today announced he would hire another 500 teachers (on top of the 650 more he has hired since 2003 – we are told). So there are 1,150 new teachers to teach 20% less kids.


All the parties serve up goodies for every possible special interest group: seniors, rurals, kids, parents, government workers, industry workers, – if you have at least 500 voters and a cause, you get funding announcements during elections.

But in a way, we are being suckered. Regardless of who wins the election there is still only a defined budget to work with. Lord and Graham will only be able to spend x amount of dollars.

So, if you are tallying up all the bucks associated with those promise and plan to vote for the government who doles out the most goodies, you will have to tear up your ballot – because they have the same budget.

I know the political strategist say that you win elections one voter and one issue at a time. If you can bring on side enough special interests, you will win.

Read Mancur Olson sometime. It’s fascinating stuff. I read it in college and I have never had the same opinion about lobby groups and special interests again.

Anyway, I think the focus at election time should be on the pan-New Brunswicker issues. What issues affect us all?

How about honesty in government?

How about not letting the economy collapse?

How about a vision for the province?

Keep your nickels and dimes. I’m looking for progress.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Honesty in government is a pipe dream, they are honest, but only with what they want the public to know.

    Don’t worry about the economy collapsing, they are in far better shape than during the thirties. As far as the economy goes, we hear nothing but rave reviews from the Irving people and even most boards of trade.

    As for vision, what’s the point? Where did Frank’s vision go when he left? Where did the
    ‘prosperity plan’ go? If I want visions I”ll read science fiction or talk to an evangelist.

    Here’s a thought for an elected official in a supposed democracy-how about representing the majority of your constituents?

  2. dreamdreamdream says:

    I love these vision people.
    Sounds,and is,an excuse for people who haven’t got a clue for the present.mckenna had a VISION for the teachers (to make them crawl) LORD fixed it.Now happier teachers.A premier who appreciates them.
    PUFF,hey man,what a vision i just had.

  3. David Campbell says:

    Keep dreaming dreamdreamdream.

    Like him or hate him, McKenna was Premier through a very tough economic situation with large deficits and shrinking money from Ottawa. Lord came into power with balanced budgets and increasing federal transfers. Of course he spent tens of millions on teachers. And hundreds of millions on health care.

    But that’s not leadership. Anybody can spend where the polls are telling them to spend.

    New Brunswick needs to get out of its economic funk and he cut funding to that.

    Now he will hire 500 more teachers – when the student population is projected to decline steadily over the next ten years.

    I would like him to spend a little more money trying to ensure we have actual students for teachers to teach.

    But that’s just me.

  4. agree? says:

    Transfer payments are protected in the constituition.

    Unemployment insurance payments were cut by doug young.

    Talk of making N.B a have
    province is ridiculous.

    Transfer payments come to N.B (by law)and spent on the people by Premier Lord,not on pipe dreams.

    Would you like to be in a class of 20 students or 30?
    Education is our kids hope.