Anybody know Bob’s position?

I wrote a fairly positive blog on Michael Ignatieff’s position on regional economic development a few weeks ago. This after he said that the alienation that is emerging from the considerable disparities in economic development across Canada are a serious threat to national unity.

Now, it would seem, that Bob Rae is likely to win the coveted role of Chief Liberal. It seems that while Iggy was out making grand pronunciations about regional alienation and the Quebec nation, the former NDP Premier was shoring up second ballet support.

So, your’s truly, scoots over to “Call Me Bob” and looks for any reference to economic development in Atlantic Canada.

And finds none.

Then he does a Google search on Bobby, ED, AC 2006 and finds nothing.

Then he does a Blog Search on Bobby and ED and finds nothing.

I don’t have time to search through the FPInfomart to find anything in the local papers.

Can anyone tell me what Bob Rae’s position on regional development is?

While you’re at it, why not serve up PM Harper’s? He seems to be pretty good at Equalization and EI enrichment but that’s not a very productive economic development policy.

Or maybe it is. That was Bernard Lord’s approach. Maybe the new Tory mantra is “Take from Alberta and give to New Brunswick”.

If so, I will have to turn my eyes to the Great White Hope – “Call me Bob”.

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0 Responses to Anybody know Bob’s position?

  1. scott says:

    Two things on Bob Rae: 1) He was instrumental in delivering budget deficits as high as $10 billion a year. By 1995, the debt had gone through the roof under his watch…a breathtaking $100 billion. Doesn’t seem like much for an industrial province like Ontario? Well, just a second, from confederation to the last Conservative budget in 1985 fiscal year, successive governments had accumulated $33 Billion in debt. So, in other words, Bob Rae was able to triple debt left over 118 year period. That high, and he was only in for 5 years. 2) Many would argue that he governed while in recession, but let’s take a closer look at his decisions. When the deficit was headed for the stratosphere, his NDP government decided to raise taxes by $2 billion dollars. And to save an additional $2 billion dollars, the Rae government decided to impose his much maligned “Social Contract” on the people of Ontario. He believed that instead of making cuts to the bloated civil service, it was better to unilaterally save $2 billion by opening up collectively bargained contracts between government and unionized employees in the public sector (i.e. Doctors, hospital workers, teachers, caretakers, university profs, hydro workers, etc.) In other words, he was ready to put the squeeze on all those important people mentioned above. The people he said he would protect. He was comfortable in nickel and diming the “backbone” of Ontario’s society in order to clean up the mess he had made at Queens Park. It did nothing for small or large businesses, and in the end, the Social contract negotiations with unions broke, therefore, leaving Rae with no other alternative than to jam it down Ontarioans throats.

    He not only lost his way while in power, he completely lost his soul as a supposed socialist. I hope they elect him as Liberal leader as he will get thumped in Ontario, the Liberal stronghold, and the rest of the country because of his poor judgement while Premier.

  2. David Campbell says:

    Let me think about this. Is it safe to say you are not a fan of Mr. Rae?

    In my head, I can’t get around that NDP baggage. I can’t believe that Liberals would make him their leader after the early 1990s. But maybe they have focus group testing that shows Ontario folks forgive Mr. Rae.

    It’s all a bit eclectic for me. A 30 year expat academic, a failed NDP Premier, a former goaltender and a bookish academic from Quebec are the four front runners to lead the Libs.

    What ever happen to the good old days when high powered shipping magnates took on 30 year political institutions?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Boy, people really need to look up ‘socialism’ in the dictionary sometime.

    Let’s look at it from an economics perspective. What happens when you have a recession AND high interest rates at the same time?

    Well, duh, your deficit goes through the roof. It has nothing to do with spending, it has to do with what you owe. Go take a look at canadian national debt from the eighties, virtually none of it was because of government spending, it was because of high interest rates.

    Rae was positively benign compared to Harris, who proceeded to gut every department til people literally died.

    There is only so much a government can do, and seems odd to chastise an NDP leader for basically saying to union members “look, we’re *&^%ed unless we get some money from somewhere”. It says tons about union members who were making pretty good scratch and yet totally turned on Rae because he dared suggest that they actually not get paid for days they didn’t work…the horror!

    Ideology only means so much when you’ve only got X amount of dollars. Anybody who lived in ontario during the nineties knows damn well that had Rae come around ten years later the province would be valhalla compared to other locations. Instead, there is squinty mcguinty who lies his way to office and adds new taxes to pay for Harris’ shortfalls.

    Compared to Harris, Rae is definitely liberal, just ask any union member. But as they are all from Ontario, whenever you hear a liberal talk about ‘regional development’ you should take it to mean they are worried about Parry Sound and Stratford-not any place else.