Regional spending out of control?

This story’s all over the national press:

MacKay doubles Liberal spending on corporate welfare
CanWest News Service

Conservatives under fire for regional spending figures
StarPhoenix, Canada – June 12, 2006

Tory spending favours east, analysis shows
$90M outlay in Atlantic Canada tops among regional funding programs

Ottawa Citizen

Interesting that the CanWest News Service journalists don’t mention the $189 million given to CAE in one friggin’ shot this week but will pick apart $90 million over a six month period across four provinces across hundreds of projects.

A lot of journalists, I am convinced, have the intellectual capacity of a lollipop. They read somewhere, sometime, that Atlantic Canada is a corporate welfare bum and that has stuck. You could wave hundreds of reports and analyses showing the opposite but why even bother to entertain the concept? Positioning Atlantic Canada as a welfare bum sells papers across the country.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s interesting is how often you ever heard any such comments when the liberals were in power. How about the billion dollar mad cow buyout as well as the massive farming subsidies. Ironic that fishermen are EI pigs and forestry is ‘a provincial concern’.

    But this is just politics. WIth a minority government of course they are going to spend out east, the only place the liberals hold sway. Canadians aren’t stupid, when you consider what few options there are, the guys who will spend money on you is a good bet.