Eat your heart out 5 in 5

I have been highly critical of these cheesy, PR-motivated, catchy buzzword, ‘plans’ such as the Prosperity Plan and the ‘5 in 5’ because they throw out these ridiculous objectives and then say nothing about how they are going to achieve them – not resources – not funding – nothing.

Then they fail (re: Prosperity Plan) and the roll out new plans (re: 5 in 5) and the public takes it all in stride.

Check out Kentucky.

I count over 70 different comparative metrics that they are tracking. Directly assessing where they stand against their target and the national average.

A few that I like include:

*Technology-intensive employment as a percentage of total employment

*Technology-intensive establishments as a percentage of total establishments

*Number of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards per 10,000 business establishments

*Number of Inc. Magazine’s best 500 companies per 10,000 business establishments

*Industry-performed R&D per $1,000 gross state product

*Federally-performed R&D expenditures per $1,000 gross state product

*University-performed R&D expenditures per $1,000 gross state product

*Percentage of recent science and engineering Ph.D.s in the workforce
Number of patents issued per 10,000 business establishments

*Number of patent attorneys and agents per 10,000 business establishments

*Venture capital disbursements, in millions

*Foreign direct investment per capita

Now, the problem is that New Brunswick would score very badly on almost every one of these 70+ metrics. So, no government in their right mind would actually serve up the real data to the public and then ask to be measured against results.

Except perhaps Kentucky.

In my opinion, and maybe I am out of my mind, this would be a great tool for New Brunswick. It measures a wide variety of key themes from education to business investment to R&D.

Of course, we would have to actually do stuff to get the numbers moving in the right direction.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The trouble with those particular metrics is that they show what the economy is like-but they don’t show what the government is doing. So say an election was tomorrow, you could say the same as the liberals. Of course for the next five years, like the tories, they’d blame their predecessors.

    However, more beneficial would be the metrics showing government initiatives that LEAD to those figures. The government isn’t going to hire patent lawyers, nobody would want them to, however, investments in SPECIFIC R&D initiatives that would lead to more people needing patents would be a good metric to judge the government by.

    The best thing about that is people can actually ask the opposition party (or demand them) what initiatives they plan to lead to a better environment for that particular metric.

    We get ZERO analysis of this, in fact they don’t even try. I’ve seen a hundred times people claiming that a gas line through St.John will lead to ‘a better economy’, but nobody will even venture a reason why.

    There are POLICIES that lead to each of those metrics, and its at least helpful to look at a place which scores high and say ‘how can we replicate that?” At least its better than the non stop nonsense that amounts to political dialogue in the province. I’m not even going to blame that just on Irving, though they have a special responsibility, but if you look at the blogs the vast majority are bickerings about menial house politics. So far as I know this is the ONLY site that is actually looking at ideas of how t make things better.