Would you like Frye with that?

Sorry to talk about the T&T twice in one day but it would seem my previous blog on the lack of T&T coverage of Northrop Frye was somewhat inaccurate. It seems that Al Hogan likes the festival after all judging by the coverage today.

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0 Responses to Would you like Frye with that?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who knows? Maybe someone at the TT is reading your blog.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If they could read, they wouldn’t publish the crap that they do…

  3. David Campbell says:

    I doubt anyone over at the T&T reads blogs. Blogs are pseudo-journalism. What Al and the guys/gals over at the T&T is ‘real’ journalism. They wouldn’t stoop to this level 🙂

  4. dako says:

    Much as I’d like to give you credit for the Trashpit’s editorial change of heart, apparently Hogan was browbeaten into reversing course after a certain prominent citizen, connected with the Festival, confronted him in his office (only after Hogan had spent a couple of days ducking his phone calls).

    Word is, Mr. Advocacy Journalism meekly emerged into the newsroom after his dressing down, cleared his throat, then ordered his journalistic serfs to start giving the Festival the coverage it deserves.

    The right move, but only after being pressured into it, overcoming his own ridiculous and insecure biases. This knob truly thinks he has the finger on the pulse of the city; that his “gut” is an accurate predictor of what Mr. and Ms. Moncton want to read. Instead, he only manages to sell newspapers because he lucked into a monopoly environment with a rag that most people grudgingly buy because they need to see what’s in the classifieds, or what’s playing at the Empire 8.

    I wish he lived far away.