Will we miss them?

Yet another story about New Brunswickers moving west:

Alberta Bound

Job boom drives up provincial population at five times the national average
Bill Mah, The Edmonton JournalPublished: Wednesday, March 29, 2006

EDMONTON – An airport shuttle van pulls up, dumps six suitcases and two middle-aged women on a sunny street outside a hostel in Old Strathcona.

The women have travelled 10 hours from Grande-Anse, N.B., where they couldn’t find work, to the capital of a province where jobs outnumber workers. They are nervous, tired and excited.

“My heart is going pop-pop-pop-pop,” said Claudette Comeau.

Her travelling companion Claudia Duclos said they left desperate times back home for the promise of well-paying jobs. “No salary, no work,” she said of her hometown. “We came here before we lost everything.”

Chris Bruce, a labour economist at the University of Calgary, said the shift of people to booming Alberta from weaker areas is good for the workers, Alberta businesses that are crying for help and even the regions that are losing people.

“In some of the Maritime provinces, there’s a glut of workers, so even the employers are not going to miss them,” Bruce said.

I think Mr. Bruce (hopefully no relation to our own Alec Bruce) may be right about employers not missing them but their families will. Their friends will. Their communities will. I think Mr. Bruce is a bit of a callous jerk for stating it in this way.

But that’s just me.

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0 Responses to Will we miss them?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amen. I ‘miss’ them even though I don’t know them. Every person that walks out of a town or city is an opportunity lost. It may well be good for Alberta, who after all need the numbers of workers so that they can keep wages down (I doubt these two middle aged women are going to be driving those giant dump trucks).

    It happened as well in the seventies, but it certainly isn’t good for the maritimes, no matter HOW you spin it.

  2. Atlantic Canada First says:

    I assure you, no relation to moi. I’m enough of a jerk all by myself.