Want to track FDI into NB?

Industry Canada’s Invest in Canada web site tracks FDI investments into Canada by province. Before you click on the link, a few caveats. One, this database is far from complete. I know of a few projects that aren’t in for NB alone. Also, there are a few ‘retail’ investments that have no business being in there in my opinion.

But you will note a few things.

1) Look at how many of the 46 NB investments are either projects that were brought in under McKenna/Theriault and expanded under Lord. 80% of the non-retail projects.

2) Note how many call centres are on this list – and it doesn’t include domestic (Canada-based) call centres. I have nothing against CCs but show me the new sectors that Lord et. al. have nurtured in the past seven years. Nada.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You’ll also note that under AV Nackawic it shows “225” under “NEW jobs”. Yeeeeeeah, that’s not QUITE the story.

  2. scott says:

    The comments below are from another blog, especially for you anonymous:

    [By Ed Hollett via Liam O’Brien]

    What an elaborate conspiracy theory from an anonymous poster. Sounds like someone working the spin machine on overdrive.

    Anonymous or pseudonymous posters should be banned from every comments section. At least when Liam and I bash it out, we each know who the other is. We are each accountable for the remarks we make.

    Maybe the pseudonymous poster could be accountable enough from spreading his or her own bullshit before criticising anyone else.

    Either that or just sod off.

    On that note, have a great weekend Tim, Fred, Jim, Sandy…oh, whatever!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Take it back to your own blog “Scott”. There is no mention here about ‘conspiracy theories’, just pointing out the obvious-that Nackawic certainly didn’t create 225 new jobs. If that’s your idea of a ‘conspiracy’ , I think you need a dictionary. Ban anonymous posters at your site all you want, but feel free to add something constructive to economic development or the blog issues at hand whenever you’re done ranting.

  4. David Campbell says:

    One day, Scott, you will meet Anonymous on the street and the two of you will sort of know each other….

    Then discovery! And all will be forgiven.

    I want dialogue. Let’s chat.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to point out that I’ve checked with a few old sources in the IT industry and I believe another poster mentioned this, but CGI is actually hiring more people, which would be an odd move if they were leaving.

    I’ve heard that IT is actually expanding in the province, and I think it’s like the other poster said, there may not be enough trained people. I think it may come down to child care. Think about it, why can’t a stay at home mother work at least part time from home on a PC?

    So it’s not ALL grim news out there! That’s two pieces in a few days, time to check your sources:)

  6. Anonymous says:

    PQA is also hiring 40 people, their website is here


    Provident is also looking for people.

    If you look at the clients of PQA you get a good insight into why they move to certain locations. Four of t their clients are departments of the New Brunswick Government.

  7. David Campbell says:

    I hope you are right about CGI. They formally announced new jobs for PEI and Nova Scotia last week and never mentioned New Brunswick. And two of my ‘sources’ confirmed they were at least talking to the NB government about putting some of those jobs in New Brunswick.