Rumours abound about ACOA

For those of you that follow such things, you know that the selection of the Minister in charge of ACOA can be a contentious issue. Will he/she be from Nova Scotia? New Brunswick? PEI? Newfoundland?

I have heard from two sources that the new ACOA minister will be from Western Canada.

That should solve the fighting between Atl. Provinces alright.

This could easily be done if the Minister was put in charge of all the regional development agencies (FedNor, ACOA, CED, WED). Maybe we’ll get another DREE?

Anybody have any insight into this?

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0 Responses to Rumours abound about ACOA

  1. Atlantic Canada First says:

    It’s David Emerson. His appointment will be official just as soon as he chooses which party to finally follow into hell.

    That’s the problem with fence-sitters. They have no appetite for fire and brimstone.

    Seriously, though, my friend, I haven’t heard anything about moves to replace P-Mac in the role.

    Then again, I’m not as well connected as I once was.

  2. scott says:

    Speaking of P-Dawg. There is a good chance that he will either be completely demoted or torpedoed after the next election. That’s if it is a majority.

    That was always the plan by Harper (it is currently on hold in a filing cabinet in the PMO) Don’t worry it will come out.

    As for a new ACOA Minister, that is something that may be in the works, but for now we get Pictou-Antigonish-Guysborough-Cental Nova-Hector landing-Keiths drinking-celtic singing-hair receding-sexiest dressed-still single without being called gay-status quo MP.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, Foreign Affairs Minister.