Last word on Tanker

The TJ is reporting this morning that Tanker got the Riding office assistance he had ‘requested’ to Premier Lord before quitting and that more goodies are on the way. So, it looks like Tanker got the last laugh (i.e. got what he wanted) out of this whole affair (except that lawyer appointment – I guess that slipped off the table).

But I have to wonder if this has not heightened the cynicism over in Miramichi to new levels. I don’t claim to be an expert on the mind of the Miramichi but when Tanker resigned, the several people I talked to said he was a ‘hero’ and that it took ‘great courage’ to do what he did. Now, these folks ‘don’t want to talk about it’ when I ask.

The truth is the Miramichi is hurting and government doesn’t seem to be doing much to stop it. Further, the serious potential of the closure of the mill is on everyone’s minds these days.

Tanker looked like a guy making a stand for his constituents. A guy who generated significant political leverage from both parties by placing himself square in the middle. He will never have this position again.

So I hope that whatever happens, his efforts lead to more focus on economic development for the ‘Chi. If it turns out that his efforts were only for personal gain (and to get his friend a job), a lot of Miramichiers will be angry – almost as angry as when Norm Betts (one of the best PC Ministers in that Cabinet) said he was too busy to sip tea with his constituents and ended up with lots of time on his hands for sipping.

You see, as a descendent of Miramichiers I can tell you this. There a loyal bunch. But their a fiercely pround bunch. And if you offend them, you can kiss your political career good bye.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Politically, I don’t think they are any different than other other group. Loyal to politicians when they show principle, throw the bums out when they don’t.

  2. scott says:

    Was it ‘courage’ or a PR political stunt? I always thought it was the latter as his voting record does not scream of any independence what so ever.

  3. David Jonah says:

    Political Tombstone: Tanker Malley RIP

    Tanker is an accidental politican and his policies and persuasions are reactive and opportunistic to the moment and the maddening crowd in the Miramichi.

    Where no Strategy Exists; No Result can be discerned.

    As Big Will said 450 years ago, Much Ado About Nothing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The final result is whether he gets results. Opportunistic as he may be, if he gets the services he asks for Miramichi, then he simply becomes a successful tactician. He’s taking credit for some stuff in the budget, whether its true or not is not the point, whether those in miramichi think it’s true is the point. If you live in a riding the realistic view of politicians is whether they bring the goods to your riding-not how they do it.