Imitation, flattery – how’s that line go?


It’s time for New Brunswick to welcome back Malcolm Bricklin
Telegraph Journal
April 4, 2006

Bernard Lord and Stephen Harper, why don’t we send signals to the Chinese that whatever strategic partnerships we now enjoy between our countries means an openness to two-way investment.Let’s bring Malcolm Bricklin back to New Brunswick.

Maybe we can assemble cars or make parts. Maybe there is room at Visionary Vehicles in their value chain to accommodate New Brunswickers. We need new partnerships with people like Malcolm Bricklin. He has the money, the expertise, and by the looks of things, he has the right connections.

Maybe I mentioned that here and here and here.

Uh? Maybe Mr. Buckingham is that cursed Anonymous!

Keep it up.

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0 Responses to Imitation, flattery – how’s that line go?

  1. scott says:

    Those bloody anonymousessses…they always poach the scoop.

  2. David Jonah says:

    Here’s more imitation.

    I loved your post and it caused me to rack my memory for some background. If any one is interested in the link to everything Bricklin, including the current pricing and availability on the official Bricklin car web site ( who knew ? ), then browse my current post on Malcolm Bricklin and Richard Hatfield’s folly.

    There are some current shots of Malcolm’s latest ventures and there is due recognition for your breaking the story to our attention on his recent acquisition of yet another $20 million dollars of someone else’s money for his venture.

    He is, above all else a great showman. A dying breed. Pity.

    David Jonah

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!