Who lobby’s for focus on FDI?

Wouldn’t it be neat if guys like me advocating more foreign direct investment had a lobby group with the power of the CFIB behind us?

Those guys are well financed, well staffed and well researched. If we had anything like this lobbying for more investment into Atlantic Canada, I am sure we would get some results.

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  1. scott says:

    The key word is well financed. The rest will follow.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Want more results? Actually GET some corporations to express an interest. THEN the rest will follow. You’ve got all the benefits that McKenna had to offer, so where are the companies?

  3. David Campbell says:

    Anonymous, you hit the nail on the head. You get it. You da man/woman. We need a massive marketing and sales effort to promote the benefits of investing in Atlantic Canada. I, like you, believe that ‘the rest will follow’ – although I think we need to also do some serious ‘product development’. There was a story last week where the head of the mining industry group in NB said that there were considerable opportunities for that sector but that the province wasn’t promoting these opportunities to the global market place. Case in point. Global investment is not just about call centres or even auto manufacturing. It’s mining. It’s oil & gas. It’s other ways of looking at natural resources.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The question is what level are those ‘mining opportunities’ just ‘some jobs for miners’. Third world countries don’t exactly have massive ad campaigns saying ‘come and rape our soil and loot our resources’. Corporations are massive, and have people LOOKING for them.

    If NB had something worthwhile, corporations would be HERE. There are simply too many dirt cheap opportunties out there. If there WAS a mining opportunity, like at Voiseys Bay, then mining companies would be here. They’re not, which tells you something.

  5. David Campbell says:


    The Fraser Institute says New Brunswick’s mining sector is sliding.

    The Vancouver-based policy think tank released the results of its annual survey of the sector on Wednesday – a report that showed New Brunswick falling in all four areas of examination: policy potential, current mineral potential, mineral potential if the best policy practices were in place and overall room for improvement.

    In the policy potential rankings, New Brunswick dropped to 18th place from 16th last year and all the way down from fifth in 2002-03.

    There is not one specific issue we are not doing here in New Brunswick,” said Mr. Plante (manager of the New Brunswick Mining Association). “(The survey) does emphasize the point that governments have to do all they can to attract the mineral industry and to ensure developers and the people with the $2.4 billion in global investment capital want to come to out jurisdiction.”

    You have to sell opportunities. I couldn’t disagree with you more on this issue. You say “If NB had something worthwhile, corporations would be HERE” but the New Brunswick Mining Association disagrees with you.

    That’s the overall problem. People think that global investment flows in some kind of efficient way – but it doesn’t. If we want to grow the mining sector, we need to sell the mining sector. Obviously, there needs to be real opportunities here but I’ll take the word of the New Brunswick Mining Association on that.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would take their opportunity IF there were more detail. Too often you simply hear ‘we need to be better’, ‘
    we need to do more’. But OF COURSE the New Brunswick Mining Association is going to say that, WHAT ELSE are they going to say? Are they going to start saying “we have plenty of opportunities here, too bad those pinheads from Inco-Falconbridge are so stupid and corrupt and are busy ransacking third world countries”.

    Sure, that would go over REAL well. The impetus is to ALWAYS blame the government, because of course if you badmouth companies then they aren’t going to give you the time of day.

    That just about says it all though “people think that global investment flows in some kind of efficient way”. This, of course is code word for ‘companies are crooked as hell and if they can’t make more money off you than some other poor slob they aren’t going to talk to you’. Which is why we are seeing PEOPLE trying to move away from this corrupt way of life.

    However, before people jump on my back as some kind of socialist, that tirade isn’t completely accurate, as New Brunswick CAN create the types of organizations that benefit society. They can even be corporate so long as you keep the reigns on them. The next big industry is going to be environmentally sound ones. If you watched 60 minutes last night then you saw the highest ranking US climatologist talking about how the White House restricts all his and fellow scientists comments-right down to the words.

    He predicts 10 years until the ‘breaking point’, so the opportunity is there for power sources, infrastructure,education, etc., designed to get away from fossil fuels. Of course that needs ONE thing over all others-political power. We have none, and until we GET some, all these conversations are moot.