Lord says money on its way from feds

Ah, politics. The Telegraph Journal is reporting today that Premier Lord says money on its way from feds with the ‘coming days’. Check out this text from the article:

Without specifying what projects he was talking about, Mr. Lord said he was “very confident we will be able to make some announcements in the coming days.”Since coming to power, the federal Conservatives have already nixed a proposal from Mr. Lord that would see $1.5 billion in federal funding flowing to the province in a federal-provincial side deal.

The new federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has also said the current equalization formula, that sees funds transferred to have-not provinces such as New Brunswick, is a mess, and that it could take some time to sort out the fiscal imbalance in the country, a priority of the country’s premiers.

Mr. Lord said it’s all good news for the province.”We’re not going to end up with less,” he said, noting that he took Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s comments during the recent election campaign about fixing the fiscal imbalance to mean New Brunswick would definitely see more money flowing from Ottawa.

You gotta be optimistic to be a politician these days. The federal finance minister says no to the ‘side deal’ with New Brunswick – Accelerating Prosperity – (don’t forget the TJ reported that Harper was supportive of this side deal). In fact he [Flaherty] says that the Equalization program itself is a mess and that the side deals with Nova Scotia and Newfoundland were inappropriate. It is mor than likely Flaherty’s view of Equalization is about the same as the emerging majority thought in Ontario – Ontario puts in too much. Ergo, New Brunswick gets too much of Ontario’s money.

But our Premier says it’s ‘all good news for the province’. Lovely.

By the way, if the so-called money to be announced in the ‘coming days’ is for Saint John’s harbour cleanup, that project was in place before the election so to count that as ‘new money’ is a political gimmick. In fact, if you’ll recall, the Feds were saying that it was Premier Lord that was dragging his feet by not ponying up his share.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just thought I’d post the link:


    I’m always skeptical when it comes to the debating between levels of government. One level says the money is there, etc.

    At ‘elements’ the story from 2002 was that neither the feds or the province had ponied up the dough. According to the above link, which is the liberal party but I don’t have time to go searching the feds database, the federal ‘phase two’ program had money available but the province didn’t even apply to it.

    IF that is true it simply unbelieveable. A quarter billion for a dying forestry industry and they won’t even take part in a program where they’d only have to pay one third? I simply HAVE to file that under ‘still remaining skeptical’ because if its true it literally means that this government is simply out and out EVIL. I’m no environmentalist, though I do like nature, so the idea of what goes on in Saint John as being preventable simply boggles my mind.

    I think New Brunswickers must simply face up to the fact that Lord is either EVIL, a complete non-functional idiot on the levels of George Bush, or else he’s simply insane.

    Previously I posted my suspicion that the entire government is simply a shadow puppet of the Irving empire, but I can’t believe that even of them. Unless they are simply so powerful that they want to keep the city as a sewer for the simply entertainment value of thinking ‘thank god we don’t LIVE here’ when they’re flying back to Bermuda.

    I know that’s off topic, sorry, but hey, that’s what blogs are all about. I suspect that as the ‘fiscal imbalance’ things needs to be worked out, Harper will be harder to get hold of, while Flaherty dishes out the bad news to the provinces.

    Of course I just had the thought that makes more sense. If Lord had taken the deal under the liberals for the cleanup then he would be beholden to admit that the liberals made more funding contributions to the province (which they have anyway, they essentially kept NB from going into deficit spending again).

    This way, Lord can heap the praise on HIS Lord-stephen Harper.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think the feds can be left off the hook though, they have been in power for over a dozen years, and the financing wouldn’t be available til now. Of course, that’s often government speak for ‘send us the paperwork and we’ll put it off as long as possible’.

  3. scott says:

    I agree with Anonymous #2. The federal Liberals had over 12 years to deal with some of these issues.

    Throughout their time in power, they were only able to come up with bandaid solution for the province of NB.

    As you’ve been saying repeatedly on this blog, we need major investments in projects that will benefit the province and its’ economy for a longtime to come.

    I haven’t seen that yet.

  4. David Campbell says:

    Hey, I no apologist for the Feds. Remember, New Brunswick’s population decline began in earnest after the cuts in the early 1990s. It’s just become convenient for each side to blame each other when there are projects with funding from both. It’s a He said, She said kinda thing. Now that both the prov and the feds are Conservative, that becomes more tricky. It’s hard to lash out at your federal counterparts when they sit on the same side of the fence. But, maybe Premier Lord will get his gravy train. If it is spent wisely I certainly wouldn’t turn it away.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The problem is, how do you react when two out of three levels of governemnt are screwing you over? At least people can vote against Lord-though that may not make things better, but federally, when you’re a footnote, how do you get your own chapter?