Leverage, leverage, leverage

Remember how I harp on the importance of using provincial funds to leverage private sector funds (i.e. spend $200M to get an auto plant with a $2 billion investment). Well, I think the same thing applies to the federal government. Check this out:

Federal Government R&D Expenditures Per Capita
By Province (2003/2004)*
Province: Amount:
Prince Edward Island – $181.29
Nova Scotia – 161.07
Newfoundland and Labrador – 156.58
Quebec – 144.68
Ontario – 131.54
Saskatchewan – 118.68
Alberta – 113.58
Manitoba – 102.55
British Columbia – 101.38
New Brunswick – 95.73
*Source: Statistics Canada. Not including the National Capital Region.

Remember that a key plank in the Prosperity Plan is to get New Brunswick to third in Canada for R&D spending per capita. Well, we are not moving in the right direction.

When I talk with folks that should know about this stuff they say that the Feds don’t spend R&D dollars in New Brunswick because there are so few eligible projects (academic, private sector).

So, part of any real R&D strategy should be to find a way to better leverage federal government R&D dollars (after all, they are, by far the largest funder of R&D in Canada).

You know, I don’t mind middle of the pack – but last or second last for almost every statistic I can find is a little disconcerting.

Prosperity for all.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s pretty spurious, not enough ‘eligible projects’. Suuuure, Newfoundland is just swimming in them! However, there’s no doubt that R&D goes primarily to institutions and they simply aren’t around. Waterloo gets an “Institute for International Governance”, Wilfrid Laurier sets up a centry for Peaceful Strategic studies, and what does St. Thomas do? Sets up a journalism school. During a time when newspapers are laying people off.

    Witness our previous Minister of Natural Resources talking about the challenge of “getting more students into forestry”. Gosh, isn’t THAT a clever idea! But then we just have to ask who such an idea supports. Hmmmm, who would benefit from a large educated workforce to choose from for it’s forestry operations….hmmmm.

    Again, go to business new brunswick. THey haven’t even updated their website in ten years. I see only two alternatives, either these guys are literally the dumbest people in the country, or Irving is simply running the show. And gee, any thoughts on who might be the biggest contributor to the tory party? I still haven’t seen those ‘public records’ showing who donates to the party.