Hope we don’t get ‘Lynched’

It’s interesting how one meeting with a person can bias your opinion of them for a long time. I sat in on a meeting between Kevin Lynch, the new clerk of the Privy Council and a few business and community leaders here in Moncton way back in the mid 1990s when he was the top dog at Industry Canada. Lynch has been widely credited with the development of Canada’s knowledge industry strategy back then – based as I recall on the whole notion of ‘clusters’ which became the vogue term during the 1900s.

According to Paul Wells:

…..this is the best-reviewed appointment in recent Langevin Block history. When Eddie Goldenberg, Donald Savoie and Stephen Harper agree on anything, it’s basically a banner day.

Back to the meeting, Lynch railed on and on about New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada not taking advantage of the ‘knowledge economy’, about how we were being left behind. All in all it left me kind of worried that the top dog at Industry Canada had a rather overall negative view of our region. You see, I had hoped that Industry Canada (will its multi-billion dollar budget) would have saw a role in supporting economic development in Atlantic Canada. But I was left thinking that the top dog over there wasn’t too sympathetic to AC’s plight.

He moved on to the Finance department where he would have become intimately aware of Equalization, EI, etc. from the numbers side of things.

Now he’s running the show as the top civil servant in Canada.

Lynch was born in Cape Breton. He earned his BA in Economics at Mount Allison University.

My hunch, based on one measily meeting (and watching a few of his moves) that Atlantic Canada won’t be at the top of his priority list. We already have the Minister in charge of the public service saying they would reverse all the talk about moving federal government jobs outside of Ottawa (this was just a political ploy, he said). Now Lynch.

Gather up your britches guys and gals. Get ready for some tough love.

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  1. scott says:

    If there is one thing this region needs, it is tough love.

    New Brunswick is in dire need of a major philosophical overhaul IMO.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We covered this before. New Brunswick bends over backwards for EVERY private business investment in the province.

    Want us to ignore our own environmental standards so you can build a toxic waste disposal plant? No problem.

    Want us to break WTO rules and roll back forty years of taxation so you can get a tax break on an LNG terminal? Just say when!

    Want us to use government authority to expropriate land so you can own and operate a nice cheap gas line? Done!

    Want the province to lobby the feds when your competition builds its own LNG terminal in a neighbouring country? We’ll do that!

    We’ll also bend over for pig factory farms and ignore environmental rules AND the tourism industry. We’ll PUBLICLY pay for a new highway for your fleet of trucks to hurry on their way from Halifax’s nice new port to places out west.

    We’ll keep the population in such a state of dire need, even rob tenants of basic human rights just so you can have your choice of cheap labour!

    We’ll give cash handouts of billions to you forestry corporations all while you clearcut and fire people so you can hurry on to your next project.

    In case the guy above didn’t notice, Lepreau was up FOR SALE and couldn’t find a buyer. It’s a ‘everything must go’ sale, and its such a lousy province STILL hardly anybody will buy into it.

    Want us to deregulate and align our agriculture for your french fry needs? Not a problem, we don’t even care if you’re thinking of moving your headquarters to Boston.

    Meanwhile, you can work your ASS off in a pulp mill and find all the money YOU invested in your pension is suddenly GONE.

    The above poster is right though, it DOES need ‘tough love’ but NOT for the people he thinks. The philosophical overhaul has to get New Brunswickers to wrap a noose around the likes of Irving, McCain, UPN, and THROW THEM THE HELL OUT.

    Take a look at where the natural gas lines go.. they need New Brunswick a hell of a lot more than New Brunswick needs them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    anonymous above is incorrect about several things (IMO). I don’t think the post is even worth a response but he/she is specifically wrong point lepreau. PUB hearings confirmed there were 2 buyers in 1999. obviously the offers were turned down by the govt.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As for Point Lepreau, the fact that they had it up for sale should emphasize that they were trying to sell it. There were two POTENTIAL buyers, but the deal didn’t go through, but no details on WHY wasn’t given. Of course the governement said they didn’t offer enough, which could be true but is irrelevant. The point is that it was up for sale.