Dispatches from the road: San Diego (India Calling)

Here is a better link for Jacques Poitras’ recent series of reports from India on the rise of that country as an outsourcing location. This is a very good assessment of the rise of India and the implications for a place like New Brunswick. South Africa recently inked a partnership deal with India to jointly attract business process outsourcing operators under what’s known as either a ‘follow the sun’ model or an offshore/nearshore model. The idea is that companies should have operations strategically located around the world to conduct global operations.

Why can’t NB be the third leg on that stool? India/South Africa/NB. Maybe?

Nah. I don’t think there’s enough brain power around to conceive of this.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sure, a terminally third world part of the world and a developing part of the third world, team up with the third world of Canada! Why do I get the feeling that idea would get laughed out of the room?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, check out the award winning KOCT while you’re there. Some more community television in New Brunswick might be a nice way to open some doors as well.