Frank bids us adieu

Well, it looks like New Brunswick’s chances at having a home grown Prime Minister have taken a dive once again. It wasn’t that long ago that some were speculating (i.e. Don Desserud) that we could have a McKenna vs. Lord show down in federal politics. But with Frank departing and Lord out of the picture, I don’t expect to see a PM from New Brunswick any time soon.

I appreciate Frank’s decision. It must be a tough life – politics that is but I would like to think that he would have been a friend of NB at the national stage. I’d like to think that, although in a different way, he would have continued to promote economic development in New Brunswick and in Atl. Canada generally.

Well, maybe Lord will end up in the big chair after all. Maybe Harper will falter. Maybe the Libs will win in two years. Maybe Lord will run. Maybe he will win the party leadership. Maybe he will win the PMship.

That’s a lot of maybes.

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  1. scott says:

    Maybe the Libs will win in two years.

    Did you mean the NB provincial libs or the federal libs?

    Because if you meant the Shawn Graham libs, Lord would have plenty of time to run. Until then, he is stuck in a gridlock known as the NB legislature.