Time for the Liberal’s plan

OK. It’s 4 am and I am in my brother’s office in Miramichi. We have been sleeping out in a tent at Sheephouse Falls – an hour from nowhere. After 6 hours in the tent and freezing our arses, we have taken a reprieve before going back out for breakfast over the fire.

Any hoo.

Angus Reid has published info on the Corporate Research Associates poll that shows 47 per cent of respondents in NB would vote for the Liberals in the next legislative election, up seven points since September. 34 per cent of respondents would support the Tories in the next ballot, while 12 per cent would vote for the New Democratic Party of Allison Brewer.

Maybe it’s time for Shawn Graham to tell us his plan for the economy so we can begin to ‘debate’ it.

Cuz it looks like he might sit in the big chair real soon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Go to the liberal associations home page and you can pretty much see ALL their plans. For economics we know how they will act-whatever is in Irvings largest interest. Anybody who has met Shawn Graham knows he’s Bernard Lord’s uncharismatic little brother. For the Irving LNG deal their ONLY complaint was that the province didn’t hand Irving a cheque rather than have Saint Johners foot the bill.

    Under the section entitled ‘economic development’ they have this:


    * Invest that first very important $100,000 in start-up ventures through “NB Grows”.
    * Partner with Caisse Populaires and Credit Unions to improve access to capital for businesses in smaller communities.

    That’s it. I don’t think you’d better give up your part time job here, likely it will still be necessary.

    Partner with Credit Unions? The only financial groups with NO money? Here’s a thought, how about some american banking legislation-namely forcing CANADIAN banks to invest a certain amount locally if they want to stay in business?

    As for the first part, more liberal ‘gifts’ for their friends. Expect to see all kinds of liberal pals setting up a shingle in god knows what industry. Like ACOA these ‘theories’ make SOME sense til they are actually practised. You can make policy, you can’t control how its implemented, which means those with the connections get the money, and usually go out of business at the first sign of trouble-and being in business means ALWAYS being in trouble (competition wise, not legally-although sometimes legally).

    Perhaps you should sign up for the liberal party NOW and maybe they’ll start reading some blogs and catch a few clues. But they seem to be fond of their new staff from Ontario (who will of course look out for New Brunswick’s best interests)

    The only difference between the liberals and conservatives is that conservatives want the private sector to do everything, but liberals want government to do everything-but badly.

  2. scott says:

    Are you serious? Shawn Graham?

    Not only is he a phys. eder(apologies in advance to the profession), he possesses the political acumen of an entry level staffer. And I’m not just saying that from a partisan perspective, I swear!

    This is real dangerous thinking David. So again, as I stressed earlier, I can only hope that this is not coming from a political partisan perspective only.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is from a poll, not from political partisanship. Economic development under Graham will be pretty much same old, the only hope will be if there is a federal liberal government then some benefits may come this way.

    Politicians are hacks though, which is why they have staff. As we know the liberal staff is from Ontario, so perhaps they’ll have some connections.

    As usual most people aren’t voting ‘for’ Graham, they are voting AGAINST the tories and Lord. That’s pretty much what we saw in Saint John. Their campaign slogan may as well be “I’m NOT Bernard Lord”.

    And of course Lord barely squeezed a majority government out of the last election, and things certainly aren’t ‘brighter’ no matter what the Irving press says. Of course, there’s still time til the next election and in politics, anything can happen.

  4. David Campbell says:

    I wrote this one about Graham because of the poll. Whether or not he will be more aggressive when it comes to economic development is just a guess at this point. But Anonymous is right. From the NB Libs web site, they have two items as their economic development platform – NB Grows (small business support) and Partner with the Caisses and Credit Unions to help business in small communities.


    Over a trillion dollars per year in global business capital generating several million new jobs each year aruond the world and the Libs are going to help small business grow. Their plan to redress 150 years of underperforming economic growth – a few more start ups in Neguac are going to get some funding.


    Maybe they are hiding an aggressive agenda for economic development until closer to the election worried that the Tories would ‘steal’ it.


    I will reiterate my position. I will vote for the politician that has a platform most geared towards serious plans to support economic development, period.

    The problem for me is when no party (federal or provincial) clearly articulates a vision for economic development that includes attracting at least our share of the tens of billions in foreign investment into Canada each year (preferrably more than our share but that would be a start).

    All this crap about small businesses, start up capital, seed money, Caisses, etc. will do very little to support serious economic development.