Sometimes people aren’t as stupid as politicians think

The biggest move, by far, that the Conservative government has made in their seven years in power was the elimination of the toll highway. That cost us $600 million in capital and somthing like $60 million per year in lost revenue and increased interest payments.

I hammered this drum alot saying that this decision was among the worst they made as it relegated northern New Brunswick to two-lane highways for at least another 20 years when if he hadn’t made that bonehead move, we would be paving the fourlanes to the Acadian Peninsula as I pen this blog (that’s my opinion) opening up that region to increased potential.

Well, now it looks like at least a few NBers agree. According to a new poll in the TJ today the top failure of the Premier is considered to be health care followed by – you guessed it – eliminating the toll highway.

Sometimes, I am not as dumb as I look (let’s put that whole Saint John Harbour prediction out to pasture).

PS – Why is the TJ commissioning polls on how people view the Premier and publishing mostly negative findings? Maybe Al Hogan over at the T&T should commission a poll and publish good findings – just for balance.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You’ll notice this was one of the things that he campaigned on for his first electoral win so he figured that New Brunswickers were actually voting for getting rid of the tolls. This was quite obviously Irving and the trucking industry, certainly nobody else benefits from it. We still pay ‘shadow tolls’ per car, and again, it means that those who live in Campbellton are subsidizing southern New Brunswick.

    This is also an issue that needs more study, I have heard from a reliable source, although they couldn’t quote their source, that the highway actually cost well over a billion dollars.

    This should be an issue for next election, in fact, more blogs should be set up around the province just so some clout goes to somebody besides Irving. I wonder if there’s a way to get more people in different areas of the province blogging. I can understand if thats not the perspective of individual bloggers though:)

    Unfortunately there is virtually no way this will be a campaign issue, and no way Shawn Graham is going to make it an issue, they Grahams go too far back with the Irvings.

    However, good on ya for bringing it up, it SHOULD be brought up more and more, and at least a referendum held on the issue. But not in New Brunswick…

  2. scott says:

    You raise a good point regarding the politics as opposed to the benefits of the tolls. Unfortunately, when there is an angle or an opportunity to gain power, 10 out of 10 times a politician will use it.

    Just look at the methods being used by Martin so that his party can remain in power.(i.e. threats to both the Americans and to the Quebec separatist)

    In the end, it may benefit the party who gets into or remains in power, but it does twice as much damage to the electorate of whom they represent.