Liberals should watch the propaganda

The federal Liberal party issued a press release on Monday called:

Atlantic Economy Thrives! [emphasis added]

In which it states:

With an adaptable and skilled working population, Atlantic Canada is becoming a hotspot for research and development. Knowledge-based industry clusters are coming to life in the region focusing on subjects such as the life sciences, ocean technologies, oil and gas services, telehealth, and environmental sciences.

Now, marketing is one thing but during an election making these bold statements that can’t be backed up with facts is dangerous. I just looked at the Statistics Canada data and collectively about $280 is spent each year on R&D in Atlantic Canada (higher education sector and by companies). That compares to almost $680 per person nationally and, by the way, is lower than all other provinces.

Now, in fairness to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick’s worst-in-Canada- $207/per person does drag down our fair neighbours in a collective way.

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0 Responses to Liberals should watch the propaganda

  1. Anonymous says:

    your table of R&D expenditures needs to be sent to every Liberal candidate in the region…especially in NB.

  2. David Campbell says:

    They should read this blog. Seriously, a journalist asked Andy Scott about this a few months ago and he said “that can’t be right. Let me look into it.”

    I guess he’s still looking….