Liberals hold a 25-point lead in Atlantic Canada

According to the daily SES Research poll, the Liberals hold a 25-point lead in Atlantic Canada, and an 11-point edge in Ontario. In Western Canada, the Conservatives are ahead by 11 points. In Quebec, 51 per cent of respondents would back the Bloc.

Question: Is that a vote of confidence in the economic policies of the past 12 years that have led to population decline/out-migration and deepening dependence on the Federal government? Or are we just more Liberally-minded?

Maybe the Libs just attract better candidates. I rather liked Claudette here in Moncton and former Mayor Brian Murphy is a rather well liked guy too.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gee, a leader who says he’s going to gut social transfers, eliminate regional development, calls the maritimes a ‘culture of defeat’, and we really need to ask that question? The saddest part of all is that it is ONLY the NDP that has supported policies which would actually benefit New Brunswickers. By electing the NDP the maritimes could actually have an impact at the federal level (every seat counts for the NDP, in the maritimes NONE of them count for the liberals or conservatives) A strong NDP presence from the maritimes would also mean that they could actually leverage that power to get something from Ottawa, much the same way Layton did with corporate taxes.

    Yet, here we sit in the maritimes, playing the same grit-tory game and wondering why all the irrelevance.