Let the blogging begin

Ok, a bunch of you have lamented the lack of discourse in the blogosphere related to economic development in this fine province. So, by popular demand, I have compiled a little list of blogs in cyberspace that at least touch on the issues that we are talking about here. Bookmark and add your voice to the debate. I urge you to add any more that you might know of that I have not come across.

Atlantic Canada First
Alec Bruce is a journalist and writes about economic issues and he has an edge that you just might enjoy (if you read mine on a semi regular basis). Here’s a quote from a recent blog:

After years of speculation, the Lord government has finally unveiled the central plank of its long-term economic development agenda: timidity.

Bruce’ll keep the pols on their toes, je pense.

Atlantic Insight, by southeast New Brunswick’s W.E.(Bill) Belliveau
I don’t know Bill but I know his brothers and they are a bright and witty bunch. On occasion in his print column, he has been known to rebuke and reward those who make good decisions related to the economy.

Local Moncton Web – David Jonah
David is my ‘old man of the mountain’ imparting great wisdom every time we converse. 99% of the time he is right on the money and his blog is probably more on the tangible side than mine.

The Sorry Centrist – Anonymous
Politically focused, the Sorry Centrist will delve into economic issues on occasion. I think he is trying to influence the Tory masses to get smarter about ED in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Politics – Anonymous
Seems to be Saint John-centric and Liberal leaning but does provide coverage of economic issues when the intersect with politics. Watch out, though. Some pretty savage commentary on the curent NB administration once in a while.

Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist
Mr. LeBlanc’s stated mission is to raise awareness of ADHD in New Brunswick but he has morphed the blog into a personal tirade against our Premier. I include it here because I am told it’s the most read NB-based blog. In addition, there are always neat photoshopped images of our Premier in awkward situations.

Vive New Brunswick – Anonymous
Not exactly a blog but it does get updated on a regular basis. Interesting commentary on economic issues from the left.

Julie Bélanger’s blog (en francais)
I don’t know who she is but I like her style. For anglos, punch her stuff through the Google translator – you’ll get the message.

Please let me know what I am missing!

PS – no political or paid partisan blogs, please. I’m looking for the community of bloggers that want to address the economic malaise that has dominated this province for decades.

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0 Responses to Let the blogging begin

  1. MaZe says:

    thanks for the mention. 🙂

  2. scott says:

    Yeah, I second that Maze, thanks for the mention Dave.

    Sheeeesh, I keep failng the word verification below…is that an “i” or an “l”.

  3. vivenewbrunswick says:

    Hey, yeah thanks, Vive hasn’t been updated lately, except for all the stuff on the lack of tenants rights in New Brunswick, which took quite a bit of time. Reading the Residential Tenants Act was a drawn out process. Frankly I hate to say it but New Brunswick is just too bloody depressing every way you look to keep posting stories. I may just post a daily headline “You got screwed again today, good luck”

    However, I don’t agree that the site is ‘from the left’, I’m actually far more libertarian and most of the postings have to do with getting government OUT of our faces. Just because it isn’t ‘conservative’ doesn’t make it ‘left’. Proportional representation certainly isn’t ‘left’, in fact most democratic reforms are pushed by conservatives, NOT the NDP.

    It sounds like lots of bloggers read one anothers stuff, the question is, how do we get others?

    Anybody interested in podcasting? Perhaps ONE site with podcasts and stuff from each of the bloggers would be enough to have a sort of mini radio station. Downloading is definitely the way of the future, there’s more possibilities there than ‘readers’.

  4. Atlantic Canada First says:

    Okay, where do I send the cheque?

    Seriously, though, thanks for the push, Dave.

    I just received the funniest response to any column I’ve ever written — Peter Mesheau wants a “sit-down” to discuss my “attitude”.

    I’m loving it (I think).

  5. David Campbell says:

    Discuss your attitude? All that sweet and gooey love? If Mesheau was wise, he would heed your advice, my friend.

  6. Anonymous says:

    David, does your blog have an RSS feed?

  7. Charles LeBlanc says:

    Thanks for the kind comment about my blog. I didn’t know about this website until someone emailed me. Thanks again!!!!