Hurrah for the Port of Halifax

For those of you that dig the rivalry between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, you’re just going to have to trust me on this one. What’s good for the Port of Halifax is good for all of Atlantic Canada.

If you want a primer on the long term importance of being on a real trade route (as opposed to being at the end of one), just remember what happened to Atlantic Canada after the Feds spend the equivalent of billions of dollars opening up the St. Lawrence River for trade from the world and cutting of Atlantic Canada.

If we can get that back and be the entry point for Chinese goods into the eastern half of North America, even old Brian Lee Crowley’s theories about Atlantica may start to make sense.

Only if…

China syndrome aids Port of Halifax
Shipments of Chinese goods via Suez Canal are boosting business
Monday, December 12, 2005 Page B4
Special to The Globe and Mail

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0 Responses to Hurrah for the Port of Halifax

  1. Anonymous says:

    Trust you? Are you really a maritimer? Trust you? Sorry, this is the maritimes where NOBODY is trusted, least of all economic developers (sorry:)

    We need only a quick analogy to find the problems wrong with that scenario-how much has New Brunswick benefitted from being the ‘gas route’ from Nova Scotia to the US? Hmm, whats zilch times bubkus?

    Now, I would say ‘screw atlantica’ because here’s where it would make sense to have a tax on rail transit (but oh no, thats federal!) and a toll highway. Then at least Halifax would have to spread those good times around some, or else have an extra albatross to deal with in attracting those ships.

    Of course as is usual, economic analysis is always done forwards. We haven’t got the REAL numbers yet, just hypothetical conjectures. While it’s certainly better than ‘you’re screwed mate’, there are huge problems with ‘ports of call’. If there’s cash to be found then dredging will continue unabated. Remember these are multi nationals, they own more than one brand and often work together. So seriously, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey will all be sniffing around if this is truly ‘seaworthy’.

    Of course its good news for Halifax, but really I don’t see how it affects New Brunswick. Rail transit brings in nothing, and trucking,well, WE”RE still paying for that. So apart from the before mentioned ‘super gas stations’ I’ll really need something to form a trust on. Keep in mind that technology may very well supply trucks in the future with bigger gas tanks, Halifax to Montreal is a 14 hour trip, if anything Riviere Du Loup would see those benefits (which is probably why Irving has more stations there)

  2. The Virginian says:

    Having just travelled the Pensylvania and Ohio Turnpikes, and seeing all of the industries and cities along that stretch, I am more convinced than ever that its all about the infrastructure you have or don’t have.
    A world class sea port is such an infrastructure. Any highways going from Halifax to the New England states and New-York, will be a benefit. Remember the road travels in both direction. Let’s not be overly cynical about what is good for Halifax. Let’s just make sure we develop the support along the connection, so we can alos benefit.