Fastest growing jobs in the US

The following is a table of the jobs that are expected to grow the fastest in the US from 2004-2014. These estimates were published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Almost all of the job categories are either health, IT or education related.

Some enterprising province should jump all over this and align education strategies to workforce needs. Some enteprising province is going to figure out a way to benefit from the massive rise in the health care industry. Some enterprising province is going to become a destination for specialized health care services and attract people from all over North America – creating thousands of jobs in the continent’s first health care services cluster.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got news for you, there are provinces that already DO that. Well, most do it to an extent. Ontario’s community college system is closely aligned with its automaking and manufacturing sector, and far more Ontarians go to community college than university. In Alberta their comm. colleges train for energy jobs.

    In PEI their schools are beefing up their engineering. However, as the blog has pointed out so many times before, how do you align your educational system with the workforce when there are no jobs?

    In health care what could they possibly do to take advantage of the very likely privatization of the health care industry-which already exists in some form or another. Heck, we saw a strike up north because red cross workers were being paid poverty wages!

    However, I’ll go back to my earlier assertion that NB schools be chartered and created to serve the INTERNATIONAL needs of this community. Do like the caribbean and set up schools all over the place where people who can’t get into school elsewhere would flock here. There are more than enough chinese and indian students who would love to be educated here, you make it cost effective (they can’t ALL get into Ontario universities) and offer substancial ESL training. Sure they won’t find work here, but they’ll bring MONEY here, which can be spread around.