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Saturday, Nov 19th:

We Say: New bridge a reflection of Metro Moncton’s vitality

There are many people who deserve praise for the new bridge. Certainly Premier Bernard Lord and Transportation Minister Percy Mockler were front and centre in negotiations for the $28 million structure. Their co-operation has been exemplary.

How about thanking Santa Claus? The process leading to this bridge has been a travesty – regardless of how much praise Al Hogan heaps on the Premier.

The former Liberal government build a second crossing in Miramichi way back in the early 1990s despite the fact that the Riverview/Moncton crossing has more than two times the traffic (and Miramichi had the exact scenario – the Douglastown Bridge and a crappy little Gunningsville like bridge).

The current Tories strung out Riverviewians for almost seven years – through two elections – and you can bet your bottom dollar the lack of economic and population growth in Riverview has been directly tied to the patheticly slow development of that bridge.

So while Al Hogan is busy slapping the Lord so hard on the back he’ll need physiotherapy, Riverview has missed out on a decade of growth.

Thanks a bunch.

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  1. Dieppenamese says:

    After reading the Trash&Transcript, it occured to me the only poeple who did not get any credit and deserve a great deal of it, is Dieppe City council. The poor folks in Riverview were hung out to dry by successive provincial gvts for more than 30 years. Why you say? The lack of cooperation between the 3 municipal gvts in the region. No provincial gvt was going to build a bridge in one location only to hear Dieppe complain about it not being at the end of Wheeler Blvd to Outhouse Point, or build it there to hear Moncton whining (like only they can). Riverview didn’t really care, they just needed a new bridge.
    So when Dieppe passed a motion to support the Gunningsville location, it delivered for the region. Oh yeah this is the same City Council the Moncton Council is accusing of being centrist and not caring for the region. Some folks have short memory. Obviously someone in Dieppe was thinking regionally.