Premier Lord is on the national speaking circuit outlining how Canada should deal with the rise of the sovereignist movement in Quebec. After his advice to Rootin’ for Hooton, maybe this is more than meets the eye.

Here’s the scenario. People take Lord’s advice. Quebec separates. 100,000 Quebec-based Federalists move to New Brunswick to stay in Canada.

New Brunswick’s economy is saved.

In the midst of Canada’s collapse, New Brunswick is saved!


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  1. The Virginian says:

    I guess with that in mind we would now have the Federalist City (Edmundston) to link up with the Loyalist City. I said Edmundston, but it would be more likely to be Cornwall Ontario. Watch for all that federal money moving into Ontario with their upcoming loss of autojobs, as pointed out by Donald Savoie.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fishing lodge guest praises Lord in column

    By Kathy Kaufield

    A prominent Quebec newspaper columnist is lauding Premier Bernard Lord’s prosperity plan and comparing the growth of New Brunswick’s economy to the shine of a lightning bolt.

    Alain Dubuc, who writes for Le Soleil and La Presse newspapers, praised Mr. Lord for his “simple charm” and urged Quebec politicians to follow his “simple” and “precise” plan to grow the economy over the next decade.

    Mr. Dubuc was a guest of Premier Lord’s this summer at Larry’s Gulch, the province’s posh fishing resort on the Restigouche River.

    The column appeared Wednesday in five newspapers, including Le Soleil in Quebec City, La Presse in Montreal, Le Droit in Ottawa, La Tribune in Sherbrooke and Le Quotidien in Saguenay.

    The 2005 guest list for Larry’s Gulch shows Mr. Lord cast his line with Mr. Dubuc during an Aug. 20-22 trip that also included CTV News Anchor Ravi Baichwal, Alberta cabinet minister Gary Mar, Marc Andre Blanchard, president of the Quebec Liberal Party; Daniel Audet, director of the Montreal Economic Institute and an adviser to PQ Leader AndrĂ© Boisclair.

    Mr. Dubuc wrote that New Brunswick’s economy is on the rise, saying its progress shines like a bolt of lightning. He said in 1981, the standard of living, the per capita GDP, in New Brunswick was about 74 per cent of Quebec’s. Last year, it was 90 per cent, he wrote.

    “At this rate, New Brunswick, in terms of prosperity, will catch up with us in little more than a decade,” he wrote.

    Mr. Dubuc said Quebec’s own prosperity plan, unveiled this fall, is similar to New Brunswick’s.

    “The difference is in the way this small province has defined its strategy, in how it has formed its principles and objectives, in how it has explained them and put them into action,” he wrote. “The difference is so striking, that one might hope our leaders, those in the Charest government, and also those in the loyal PQ opposition, be forced to intern in Fredericton.”

    Mr. Dubuc said Mr. Lord’s plan is clear, transparent, simple and precise whereas Quebec’s is twice as long but says twice as little.

    “The other big difference is obviously the ball carrier, the simple charm of Bernard Lord who manages to convey complex things in a simple, non-aggressive way. We know where he wants to go, how and why,” he wrote.

    The column comes two days after Mr. Lord addressed students and business leaders at Ecole des Hautes etudes commerciales in Montreal and one day after he defended PQ leader André Boisclair during a speech in Toronto.

    The column comes in the midst of Mr. Lord’s cross-Canada tour this week that some pundits have said was orchestrated to launch a bid into federal politics had his party won last week’s Saint John Harbour byelection.

    During his tour, the premier is slated to talk up the New Brunswick economy with business people and media outlets in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. He’ll also be attending the first ministers’ meeting in Kelowna on aboriginal issues.

    Mr. Lord unveiled his prosperity plan in 2002, containing aggressive economic targets to be reached by 2012 by creating a competitive fiscal environment, focusing on innovation and strategic infrastructure as well as investing in people.

    So you can see it isn’t just Irving media that can be blinded by BS. You’d get the impression that it truly IS 1984 out there, up is down, good is bad, pretty soon peace will be war and ignorance will be strength.

    Speaking of being ‘twice as long and saying twice as little….’