A quick word on Equalization

Just another quick chart on Equalization – this time a comparative one on a per capita basis. Only PEI gets more Equalization than New Brunswick and NB is closing the gap. By the end of Premier Lord’s mandate, we should be the largest receiver of Equalization among the provinces in Canada.

Sounds like a legacy to me.

And now Saskatchewan is complaining about it’s ‘fair share’. Premier Calvert said it’s ‘unfair’ that Saskatchewan gets nothing, but NS and NL will get a total of $2 billion. “Newfoundland and Labrador will receive this year, $687 million in equalization payments … the province of Nova Scotia, $1.379 billion. The province of Saskatchewan, a big fat zero,” he said.

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  1. vivenewbrunswick says:

    Keep in mind that Saskatchewan gets one thing New Brunswick doesn’t, namely massive investment in agriculture research. Regina and Saskatoon are literally funded by the federal government. The OECD mentions that Canada must continue its ‘focus on research’ which, in agriculture is being done in Saskatchewan, certainly not NB. In NB most agriculture research goes to trying to make a crispier french fry. Check out the federal job ads online in agricultural research, there are always TONS of them in Saskatoon, but none in NB.