A dose of humour

The blog has covered some pretty heavy and somewhat troubling content in recent days. So to cheer you up, here is sample cheque from Alberta that someone sent me yesterday.

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  1. dave says:

    I dunno, I come from the land of the perogy and the Giant Easter Egg, and I don’t think the cheques are all that funny. There’s a nastiness to them that sometimes spews forth when I tap into the latest chatter from old schoolmates and relatives.

    Here’s a letter I sent to the Globe and Mail after they published an article on the cheques (the letter wasn’t printed):

    To the Editor:

    As a former Albertan who remembers what an economic basket case the place was when world oil prices tanked in the 80’s, it’s nice to see the province riding high again. And if we can’t share in Albertans’ monetary good fortune, we can at least partake in the cheery fun embodied in those fake cheques mocking the rest of Canada.

    I propose a few for Albertans themselves:

    1) On a background of an oil derrick: “Born on third base, and thought we hit a triple!”

    2) On a background of a pickup truck: “Surplus country: The only thing still in the red is our necks!”

    3) Against an image of a sleek, portly, cowboy-hatted executive: “And you thought Ontario was smug…”

    ….So, admittedly, not quite up to Noel Coward standards of wittiness. But as good as anything written on the “cheques”, I warrant.