Al Hogan beware!

We now finally know how you can get fired as editor of an Irving newspaper in New Brunswick. Not by misrepresenting facts. Not by being overtly biased and political in editorial style. Not be purposely not publishing stories that have made news elsewhere because they show a negative side of New Brunswick’s economy.

No, if you want to get fired, show a boob. According to CBC News, the Irving newspaper group has pulled the latest issue of Here magazine from store shelves and fired its editor after a photo of a breastfeeding baby appeared on its cover.

Watch out Al. You can keep up your sloppy and biased reporting but don’t start showing any nipples.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I actually heard that the editor quit after they pulled the paper, anyone know for sure? Although she quit BECAUSE they pulled the paper, I’d love to know what other stuff has been going on at Here since they bought it. Weirdly enough I’ve talked to three people about this issue and they all had heard that Irving was getting rid of some of its media companies. Strange world.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A couple of comments are in order – the CBC interview was a bit fuzzy on the editor’s departure – she contended she was leaving anyway (her editorial in last week’s issue spoke to that), but she was quoted in the interview as saying she’d been served notice of dismissal.
    The result is the same – this allows Brunswick News to put someone in who will better toe the line – which is exactly what this street-tab format doesn’t need.
    Anyone who is familiar with The Coast in Halfax will realize the Irving Group will never put anything on the newstand with a tenth as much edge as The Coast. And now we see the same newshole (which is newspaper-speak for anything that isn’t advertising) showing up on CanadaEast, Transcript, Here….you get the picture.
    By the way, it’s more than a little illustrative that one of the most popular columns of the pre-Irving Here magazine was the sex column. My sources tell me that a condition of Irving’s purchase was that that column be dropped. And it’s never been seen again.
    There are some good people working with this media chain – however, there are some real idiots running it… IMHO

  3. Anonymous says:

    Some reporters are half decent, but a good percentage of them aren’t. For Ms. Christensen it is a good idea to not badmouth Irving TOO much publicly, not if you are staying in the area and have any family members looking for work. Irvings are quite well known to reward their friends, and punish their enemies (or at least blacklist them).

    There is simply no other word I can think of for their media but ‘propaganda’.

  4. scott says:

    Or refuse to print the oversized LNG promos used to brainwash the boobs in the general public.

  5. dave says:

    CBC Radio in Moncton broke this story a week ago, just after the issue had been pulled. Nice to see it eventually made it to the CBC NB website, and to David’s blog.

    In the radio interview last week, the editor suggested the dismissal came after both her notice to quit, and the publication of the controversial cover. If you check the happy tone of her final editorial, it seems to make sense. Unless…but no. Leave that to Orwell.

    The rumour was that the magazine pulled the issue only after a complaint from a major advertiser. The original CBC reporter on the story followed the rumour trail but couldn’t substantiate that.

  6. David Campbell says:

    Hurrah for the CBC, the only news source in New Brunswick that can actually report on one of the largest and most influencial organizations in New Brunswick – the Irvings. I know that a few of the scribblers on this blog are not very amiable towards the Irvings but I don’t feel that I have much to judge them on one way or the other. And that is most likely because you never, almost never anyway, read or hear about them in the news – paper, that is.

  7. Anonymous says:

    A dismissal after a notice to quit? Is it just me or does that make no sense at all. You give two weeks notice then a week later the company fires you? It doesn’t take Orwell to know you don’t cross Irving. Irving’s are VERY conservative, however, that wouldn’t surprise me that an advertiser would complain, however, a good many advertisers are also owned by Irvings. Also, if you’d read Here, you’d know that advertisers aren’t exactly prudes, Here WASN”t your typical Irving paper, although as the poster above said, it is quickly becoming one.

  8. dave says:

    Did the firing “make sense”? You judge. If you look at my comment, I’m referring to how the former editor explained herself on the radio. More specifically, I’m addressing the first comment on this thread. A good one!

    And thanks to David for doing what he can to keep things aired out.

    HERE is an interesting place. Stay tuned.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Just a note, David — you’re blaming Al Hogan, but I have it on good authority that Hogan OKed the cover. It was his boss, Victor, who reversed the decision and ordered it pulled.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Who is Victor? Anybody who believes that an editor of a paper she helped found would ‘happily’ just walk away is mistaken.

    Also, I DOUBT very much that Here will be an interesting paper any longer. It will be a carbon copy of other Irving papers, short on substance, long on ads and “we say” columns.

    Too bad they own all the presses, we could get all the bloggers in NB with those who post into them (sort of a participatory journalism kind of thing) and put out a paper that REALLY covered issues.